The Sage Lifetime Warranty

Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage series reel is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty. Click here for more information about Sage warranty coverage.

How to Send in a Sage Product for Repair

Domestic US returns can now be processed using our new on-line warranty form. This will allow you to process ship and track your repair more easily. Repairs submitted with our on-line system will also receive priority once they arrive here at Sage.

To send in a Sage rod or reel for repair you will need to create an account and fill out an on-line product registration for the item.

If you do not have an account please click here to navigate to the New Account form to set one up.

If you already have an account please login at the top of the page and select the my account link near the top of the page to begin your return.

Once you have accessed the my account area simply select the Registered Products tab.

If you have not registered any products on the site you can do so by clicking on the REGISTER A PRODUCT button. From there you can initiate a return on a registered rod or reel.

To use our on-line repair process for registered products

  • Click on the Request Repair link for each rod that you will be sending in for repair
  • Select the reason from the dropdown list just underneath each section that applies.
  • If you wish you may also include additional details in the box below.
  • When complete, click on ADD WARRANTY REQUEST TO CART
  • On the Cart page, click CHECKOUT and fill out the information on the Checkout form
  • When complete, click on SUBMIT. You will receive a confirmation page.
  • Click the PRINT SHIPPING LABEL on the confirmation page. This will display your label and instructions.

If you need to reprint your shipping label, you will also get an email with a link to the shipping label. Alternately, you can log into your account, click on the Registered Products tab and click on the Reprint Label ink next to your warranty status.

Please note: this is available to US customers only at this time. Service options for our international customers have not yet changed.

Sending your warranty repair to Sage with our on-line repair process

Due to our buying power we are pleased to be able to offer low-cost FedEx® rates when shipping your warranty repair to our factory via the on-line repair process. When returning products, your pre-generated shipping label charge will be a low flat rate of $10.00 for rods and $7.00 for reels.

Warranty processing fees

The original owner will be charged a $50 fee for each repaired rod ($30 for each reel) to cover processing, insurance and return shipping from our factory to you after your repair is complete. Your credit card will be pre-authorized when the warranty request process is initiated but you will not be charged until your repair is finished.

How to Register a Sage Product

Our new on-line product registration form makes it easy to register your Sage rods and reels, initiate a return and track its progress during the repair. To register a Sage rod or reel you will need to create an account and fill out an on-line product registration for the item.

  • If you do not have an account please click here to navigate to the new Account form to set one up.
  • If you already have an account please click here to login and navigate to My Account.
  • Once you have set up and accessed your account simply select the Registered Products tab near the top of the page to. From there you can initiate a return on a registered rod or reel as well as add a rod or reel to your account.

How to Find Your Serial Number

Rod serial numbers: The serial number on your Sage rod is located on the butt section of the blank, directly opposite of the Sage silk screen. Above the cork handle, locate the silk screen that shows the Sage logo that indicates the length and line weight. Rotate the rod to the opposite side of the silkscreen and you will find a hand written serial number. Your serial number consists of letters or numbers or a combination of both. (Please note that on some darker colored blanks, it is difficult to read the serial number. To do so, use a flashlight and rotate the rod until you locate the serial number.)

Reel serial numbers: The serial number on a Sage reel can be located by removing the spool from the reel frame. The serial number is located on the inside of the frame. The location of the serial number may vary depending on the age and model of the reel. The serial number will be etched or engraved and will consist of letters or numbers or a combination of both.

How to Check the Status of Your Repair

With our new on-line repair process you can check the status of your rod or reel by logging in to your Sage account and clicking on the My Account link near the top of the page. From there select the Registered Products tab to view the status of your repair.

Just as you would expect our repair department gets busy during fishing season (June-September). The time to complete a repair typically gets longer during this time of year. During the winter a typical repair may take only a few days to process (plus transit time) but during fishing season this can be as long as four weeks. To ensure the best possible service please use our on-line repair process. Using the on-line repair process will ensure that the information that you provide to help us process the repair gets to us more quickly. You will also get priority service once your rod or reel arrives.

Using the Paper, Mail-in Product Service Form

Our new on-line warranty process has many benefits that will offer improved service but if you wish to process a return with our paper form you can find it here: PRODUCT SERVICE FORM . Alternately, you can contact your local dealer to send in the item.

When shipping an item to us for repair please be sure to include all broken parts or pieces. Package the Product either in its original packaging, or in packaging affording an equal degree of protection as the original packaging.

If you are using our on-line warranty process with the FedEx service you have nothing to worry about; tracking is provided. However, if you choose to use another service please insure the rod or reel for the full value and use a carrier that provides a tracking number.

For all return shipments within the U.S., the original owner will be responsible for a $50 fee for each rod ($30 for each reel) repaired to cover the repair processing, return shipping and insurance. International customers will be charged actual shipping and insurance costs, and will be responsible for all related customs and duty charges.

If you have further questions, please contact Sage Repairs via email at or by phone: (888) 848-7243

The Sage Lifetime Warranty

Every new Sage rod, blank and Sage series reel is covered by our lifetime, original owner warranty.

This warranty is limited to repair and replacement of the rod, blank or reel and does not cover direct, indirect, consequential, incidental or any other type of damage resulting from the use of the product. This warranty does not cover fire, theft, missing rod sections, intentional breakage, modification or customization of the finished rod, or damage during the assembly of a blank into a finished rod. Warranty coverage on Sage blanks does not extend to any custom work or components added to the blanks. Some states do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state.

Sage reserves the right to determine whether to repair or replace any Sage Product covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models with comparable models when necessary. Colors and components may vary between original and replacement parts.

The lifetime, original owner warranty applies to rods with a serial # beginning with the letter "M" and higher, including all double letters (i.e. AA, AB, and AC). Rods with serial #'s beginning with the single letters "A - L" (generally manufactured prior to 1995); have an original owner lifetime guarantee against any defect in materials or workmanship. Any of these series of rods that fail due to misuse, negligence or normal wear-and-tear will be repaired or replaced at a reasonable cost. The serial # may be found on the rod directly opposite the Sage logo.

PLEASE NOTE: Sage blanks are not serialized. Warranty coverage on rods built from Sage blanks is limited to the blank only.