Sage Offers Anglers More Options with New Fly Rod Models

New Sage Fly Rod Handles

Sage Offers Anglers More Options with New Fly Rod Models
April 1, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – Fly fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing introduces several new fly rods offering anglers a wider range of tools for a multitude of fishing scenarios. The new rods include an addition to the European Style Nymphing (ESN) family, a 9-foot 12-weight single hand ONE rod, two new 6-piece spey rods within the ONE rod series and two new specialty rods built to target pike and musky.

Sage’s ESN family currently has four rods each measuring ten feet in length. The new 3-weight rod reaches 11 feet to give competition anglers and recreational Euro-style nymph anglers a more effective fishing tool in situations where added reach is required. It also features a mini fighting butt providing leverage and rod balance against the angler’s forearm while high-sticking. Retailing at $695, this rod will be available at participating retailers starting April 1st.

For anglers chasing pike and musky, Sage offers two new fast-action rods in the specialty category. The PIKE rod is a 9-foot 10-weight, and the MUSKY version is a 9-foot 11-weight. Sporting the same cosmetics as Sage’s popular BASS II series, these fast-action rods have extended fighting butts and oversized stripping guides and tip tops. Each model comes with either a RIO Products Pike or Musky WF F/I line and will retail for $595 with an availability date of April 1st.

A new addition to the ONE rod family is the 1290-4, a 9-foot 12-weight rod with enough backbone for targeting species like tuna, giant tarpon and sailfish. The new 12-weight will be available on April 1st and retails for $795.

Further additions to the ONE series include two 6-piece spey models incorporating the same technology and cosmetics as the rest of the line. A 13-foot 6 inch 7-weight and a 14-foot 9-weight will join this family as more travel friendly 6-piece versions. These two models provide traveling anglers more versatility, covering numerous casting and fishing styles for steelhead and salmon. Available May 1st, retail for the 7-weight is $1200 and $1275 for the 9-weight.


12 Responses to Sage Offers Anglers More Options with New Fly Rod Models

  1. Chuck Atkins says:

    I have all kinds of Sage rods and old…I love the new 7 weight “One” but the best steelhead rod ya ever made was the SP. There’s too much hyperbole and macho nonsense about fast action rods! I am probably one of the few people who can actually cast a TCR and I wish I had never bought one! Give me the old SP! You never made a better rod for steelheading!

  2. Bob Triggs says:

    The good thing: It just keeps getting better and better.

    The bad thing: I want them all!!!

  3. Kent Taylor says:

    Good, there is not a rod I ‘need’ to buy.

  4. Eric Rauch says:

    The new pike and musky rods are a great idea – the adds are out but you can’t seem to buy one? No shops have them and it seems no one has demo’ed them?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Eric,
      They just became available so I’d check with your local dealer as to when they’re order will be arriving.

      -Team Sage

  5. Zach Pittman says:

    Loving the Musky Rod!! With that butt it looks like it will be a great rod to figure 8 with!!

  6. FlyRodder says:

    Love the new Pike and Muskie rods…..but…..would have liked to see them in a more rich, traditional finish and one that is unique to these rods.

  7. Peter Robinson Yorkshire England. says:

    Dear Sage fly rods.
    Please reintroduce the Sage SP 10 foot 7 line fly rod, United Kingdom anglers would buy them in the thousands I’m sure; and in other lengths and line sizes.
    This is the best sea trout fly rod ever built, particularly for roll casting on small tree covered rivers.
    I wish I could get hold of one in a ten foot for a seven line.
    I had one years ago and very much regret trading it in for another sage fly rod.
    Please consider reintroducing it as you did with the XP/VXP.
    Thank you
    Peter Robinson.

  8. Francisco Herreros Valenzuela says:

    Dears: Ebay offers new XP fly rods. They are manufactured by you??

    Thank you

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Francisco,
      XP’s were manufactured by Sage but have been discontinued for quite some time. If these were manufactured by us, then they would not be new.

      -Team Sage

  9. Peter engelen says:

    I Need a new rod for light pike fishing, deep fishing for big perch, zander and asp
    Do you think the 9 foot 7 weight one wil be ok.
    I live and fish in the Netherlands , we have to do strange things here,
    Likje fishing with medium sized streamers at depths of 4/5 meters,
    Already have a smallmouthrod , which was one of the best ideas for pike fishing
    With streamers

    Peter engelen , Netherlands .

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Peter,
      We think the 7wt ONE is a good choice, assuming the flies aren’t too large. For bigger streamers, the 8wt may be a better choice. As a point of reference, the smallmouth is a powerful 7wt, bordering on an 8wt.

      -Team Sage

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