Product Preview: Sage One Spey & Switch Rods

Sage Fly Fishing - Product Review - ONE Spey Rod

The guys over at Deneki did some “urban rod testing” with the brand new Sage spey & switch rods. High praise and excitement is what followed.

The subjective side of things is that this rod ‘feels alive’. Laugh if you want to, but those of you who have cast a lot of spey rods know that certain models have a kind of life/energy/spring to them that’s really hard to describe. The 8136-4 ONE feels like it wants to jump out of your hands.

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One Response to Product Preview: Sage One Spey & Switch Rods

  1. BudB says:

    It was this review that motivated me to take the plunge and get my own Sage ONE Spey here.

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