New Sage MOTIVE Rods Make Saltwater Fly Fishing More Accessible


New Sage MOTIVE Rods Make Saltwater Fly Fishing More Accessible
June 13, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – As more and more anglers take to saltwater to expand their fly fishing experiences, industry leader Sage Manufacturing, introduces the MOTIVE fly rod series. MOTIVE saltwater rods are constructed of time-proven materials and embody Sage’s immense experience pursuing many hard-fighting saltwater species. The MOTIVE features an all-new taper design creating a powerful, fast-action rod that loads quickly to deliver heavy saltwater flies with the distance and accuracy the sport demands.

MOTIVE rods feature a strong butt section with fighting butt and full-wells grip to provide the necessary strength to fight and control large game fish. Heavy saltwater lines slip easily through the oversized guides, and the aluminum reel seat and saltwater compatible components round out the features. Built on a bluefin blue blank, the rods have blue primary thread wraps with royal blue and black trim wraps and come in a blue steel colored, ballistic nylon rod tube with divided liner.

MOTIVE rods will be available at retail in August 2013 with five, nine-foot rods ranging from 8 to 12 weights. The rods will retail for $425.

18 Responses to New Sage MOTIVE Rods Make Saltwater Fly Fishing More Accessible

  1. Richard Majeau says:

    The price is very interesting,i would like to try it and see the action and the weight.

  2. Luis Augusto de Siqueira says:

    I have two Xi3 and I think fantastic fishing tools reliable and lightweight. Surely this new will hit well.

  3. MANI says:

    Are the new Sage MOTIVE rods an additional series or will the replace the xi3 series?


  4. Jake says:

    Will the Motive be offered in 11 weight?

  5. Wayne says:

    How does the MOTIVES action and weight compare to the Xi3 and Sage One in 8 & 9 weight

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Wayne,
      The action is similar, in that they are all fast action, but the MOTIVE is heavier and less sensitive than the ONE and Xi3. This is because it utilizes older graphite technology which is what causes the performance differences.

  6. Paul says:

    How about a 7wt version. Is that in the mix? It
    would certainly be a good size for salmon in the salt.

  7. Walker says:

    Is it based on the Xi2 technology? Older?

  8. Holger says:

    Is the European release date already fixed? Or have some Information about the European release.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Holger,
      All MOTIVE rods are available. In Europe, availability depends on your countries Sage distributor and if they purchased the rods for the area or not. What part of Europe are you in?

      -Team Sage

  9. Kim Coremans says:

    is the motive #10 faster and stiffer as the sage pike #10 ?

  10. Maxtor says:

    Will you have Motive blanks in future?

  11. Tomasz says:

    I’m thinking of getting an 11wt for my upcoming trip to Christmas Island. Do you think it’ll handle those CI’s GT’s or I should go with a 12wt?
    Also if I get an 11wt, will it cast well with a 12wt Outbound saltwater line? Thank you.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Tomasz,

      We would suggest the 11wt with a RIO GT 475gr line and 6012 reel for GT fishing. The OBS 12wt is 510grs and is ~2 line sizes heavier than standard line weighting, so would suggest the 11wt OBS at 465gr to be more inline.

      -Team Sage

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