Sage’s New METHOD Fly Rod Series Combines Technology with Ultra-Fast Action


METHOD Fly Rod Series Combines Technology with Ultra-Fast Action
June 13, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – This summer, fly fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing announces the release of its 2014 premier collection of high performance rods called the METHOD series. These ultra-fast fly rods use Sage’s proprietary Konnetic technology. The METHOD delivers high line speeds and tight loops for extreme distance and wind-cutting casts all while maintaining critical accuracy and feel.

“Being able to offer fly rods that perform to the expectations of the most demanding anglers in any casting situation is the main reason behind designing the METHOD. Sage’s DNA is synonymous with fast-action rods, and through Konnetic technology, we’ve taken seriously smooth, ultra-fast action performance to a new place entirely,” comments Sage Chief Rod Designer, Jerry Siem. “Our newest high performance rods will make any caster better but will help experienced casters notch exceptional casts with regularity.”

The magma red colored shaft of the METHOD is complemented by rust colored primary thread wraps and pewter trim wraps. Fuji ceramic stripping guides and robust guide sets round out the features of this high-end rod series. The rods come in a black rod sock with a red silk-screen and are protected in a fusion red powder-coated rod tube with a silver colored medallion and gloss black end caps.

“Overall, the fast action ONE rod is still and will continue to be our flagship series for a wider range of anglers,” notes Sage Marketing Manager, Eric Gewiss. “The METHOD series makes it possible to take casting abilities to whole new level. It performs quickly and accurately close-in, but if anglers are looking for an ultra-fast action rod that is lightweight, exceptionally smooth yet has the extra punch for farther casts and windy conditions, this rod is for you.”

Twelve single-hand models will be available in 4-6 weights for freshwater with a cocobolo wood insert and black reel seat components paired with a snub-nose, half-wells grip. The saltwater capable 6-11 weights feature a black aluminum reel seat and a full wells handle and fighting butt. Nine Spey and switch models feature a high-grade cork fore and rear grip. The METHOD rods will range in price from $800-$1,050 and will be available August 1, 2013. Blanks will also be available for each model.

About Konnetic™ Technology:
Konnetic technology, the most recent and significant evolution in fly rod innovation, uses new materials combined with pioneering manufacturing methods and processes. This technology incorporates an optimized ratio of Sage’s proprietary resin to exclusive high modulus aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

The latest construction methods include Sage’s Advanced Modulus Positioning System (AMPS); a process that precisely aligns and positions carbon fiber materials to exacting tolerances for the greatest blank strength delivering extremely efficient energy transfer throughout the shaft. Using Sage’s High Compression Molding process, carbon fibers are compacted for optimum density and precise alignment while simultaneously fusing the 50% lighter all-carbon fiber inner core.

178 Responses to Sage’s New METHOD Fly Rod Series Combines Technology with Ultra-Fast Action

  1. Andy D says:

    will these rods be replacing the TCX line?

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  3. Frank Dalziel says:

    I’m interested in the length/weights of the new Method models of switch and spey that will be offered?

  4. patricia says:

    Like the rod but no no to the colour.

  5. Daniel Svärd says:

    When will it be availble in store to buy ?

    Kind regards
    Daniel/ sweden

  6. jan says:

    which length will the switch rods have?
    11’9″ like the Tcx, or 11’6″ like the one, or a new length?



  7. Daniel Svärd says:

    Marking spots ? On the rod?

  8. Neil West says:

    Good luck with the launch. The TCX switch is probably the best rod I have ever used and glad you are sticking to the 11’9′” length as this is just about perfect for light weight Spey casting.

  9. John says:

    Will there be a 10-foot 5-weight or a 10-ft 4-weight?



    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Sam,
      yes, but blanks generally are not available until a few months after the rod releases.

      -Team Sage

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  12. Steffan says:

    When Will this rod be availible in Denmark?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Steffan,
      It should be available in August but you’ll have to talk to your local dealer to make sure.

      -Team Sage

  13. Derek Smith says:

    When will the blanks be available?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Derek,
      Blanks usually become available a couple months after the rods release. In the past, it’s generally been October.

      -Team Sage

  14. Fred Telleen says:

    New Sage rods make me happy!

  15. Adam says:

    Hi what will be the main differences between the already fast TCX?

    • flyfishsage says:

      The METHOD has our latest graphite technology that gives it much more line feel than the previous TCX. Among many other things, it tracks straighter (which leads to greater accuracy) and is overall a lighter more “fishable” rod than the TCX.

      -Team Sage

  16. Henk says:

    What will be the price off the new rod

  17. Per-Olav says:


    Will there be a 4wt spey switch ala the One 4116-4 ?


  18. orestes says:

    Which modell will replace sage 99 ?

  19. Bill S says:

    The TCX is by far the best rod I have ever fished, it will really be something special if the Method is better…anyway, I have ordered one from my flyshop for August delivery

  20. Gerrard says:

    I loved the tcx. I thought and still think it was the sexiest rod on the market and you guys cancel it. Stupid if you ask me.

    And now you replace it with a red stick. I love sage but I will to be purchasing one.

  21. Spencer says:

    Looks like a another great rod from sage. I am excited for it to come out.

  22. jan says:

    Will there be a 8 wt. 9.6′ rod?

  23. Gerhard Benz says:

    I like short rods for my river fishing. Am currently using a Z-Axis 7ft6inch 4-piece 5-weight, which I find to be a bit on the “soft” side in the butt section. Will the Method be available in that configuration (7ft6, 4 piece, 5 weight)?? If yes, would love to try it!!

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Gerhard,
      The METHOD will only come in a 9′ 0″ 5 weight for that line configuration. However, we suggest you give the 8″ 6″ ONE rod a try. The ONE has a little bit more power than it’s predecessor, the Z-Axis. We also make a 7′ 6″ 3 weight in the ONE that is a great rod as well but it only comes in a 3 weight.

      -Team Sage

  24. Carsten says:

    Hi, i love Sage and how they perform. But i think the light weight, and stif rod, make the TCX, break to easy. And the the very thin colour coating makes the ferrule black in no time, and more easy to break. Have you look at this problem.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Carsten,
      Thank you for your comment and support. We haven’t received anymore complaints/warranties of TCX rods compared to any other models. If you’re experiencing continued problems, don’t hesitate to contact our warranty department to find a remedy.

      -Team Sage

  25. Tom says:

    Long time Sage fan. Have to say I’m disappointed in not seeing a 5 weight in the spey switch line up.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Tom,
      Thank you for your support of Sage. Unfortunately demand was too low for the 5 wt METHOD spey to go into production but we do have the ONE 5126-4 available in that range.

      -Team Sage

  26. John Dawson says:

    I have an 8119 TCX switch. I can only describe its performance as amazing in the way it will cast a Scandi head under all conditions. Does the Method have a similar action, or will it be a substantial change as happened when the z-axis replaced the XP?

  27. Heather says:

    Where is the Method made?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Heather,
      Like all our rods, the METHOD is made in the USA, right here on Bainbridge Island WA

      -Team Sage

  28. klaus says:

    i orderd the new Method 6119switch a few weeks ago.Great rod!Congratulation,i`m ecited and wont give it away animore.After a few cast`s i had allready a tight Line…Good Luck to all of you!Klaus from Switzerland.

  29. Marius says:

    What line weight is recommended for Method 8119 Switch and the Method 9119 Switch in scandi lines and skagit lines?

    • flyfishsage says:

      8119-4: 31′ 480 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi tip or 550 grain Skagit Flight & Med MOW or 525 grain Skagit short & med/heavy MOW

      9119-4: 34′ 550 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi tip

      -Team Sage

  30. Marius says:

    …and for the Method 8126-4? =)

    • flyfishsage says:

      8126-4: 34′ 510 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi tip or 525 to 550 grain Skagit Flight and Med MOW

      -Team Sage

    • Gustavo says:

      I bought for my son and me this Method fly rods for drift boat fly fishing large articulated streamers to banks, in large trout rivers. What sinking lines and grains are the recommended ones for the Sage Method 690-4, 790-4 and 880-4 rods
      Thank you

  31. gilbert pieters says:

    I heard about a 6 (six) piece SAGE, doublehanded for steelhead/seatrout etc
    Correct ?
    Where do I find info ?

  32. adrian says:

    ya tengo mi method # 6 desde hace 15 dias y soy un hombre feliz , es mi primer caña sage que compro y creo que no volvere a comprar otra marca mas que sage y winston

  33. Chris says:

    Please place a list here with the recommended line weights for Skagit Flights, Skagit Max, Scandi and so on for the new Method Switch and Spey Rods.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Chris,
      Line recommendations are pretty subjective but here’s a list of combinations we think work well:

      6119-4 = 31’…..350 to 385 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi Tip or 400 grain Flight & Light MOW or 425 grain Skagit Short & Light MOW.
      7119-4 = 31’….410 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi Tip or 450 to 475 grain Skagit Flight or 475 Grain Skagit Short & Med MOW.
      8119-4 = 31’….480 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi Tip or 525 to 550 grain Skagit Flight & Med MOW or 525 Grain Skagit Short & Med/Heavy MOW
      9119-4 = 34′ 550 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi tip
      6126-4 = 31’….385 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi Tip or 425 grain Skagit Flight & Light MOW or 425 Grain Skagit Short & Med MOW.
      7126-4 = 33’….450 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi Tip or 500 to 525 grain Skagit Flight & Med MOW or 475/525 Skagit Short & Med/Heavy MOW.
      8126-4 = 34’…..510 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versa Tip or 525 to 550 grain Skagit Flight & Med MOW.
      9140-4 = 575 to 675 grain Skagit Flight & Heavy MOW.
      10150-4 = 700 to 725 grain Skagit Flight & Heavy MOW.

      -Team Sage

  34. Harry says:

    Dear flyfishsage,

    looking at the 7119-4 Switch Method and focusing on moderate AK salmon, Great Lakes steelhead and bigger european waters for trout – would you suggest to pair the rod with a 6080 Sage reel or the 6010 ?
    Thanks for a brief suggestion !

  35. Paul says:

    What would be the best floating line you could recommend to go with the method 5 and 6weight .
    To be used in New Zealand’s fresh water rivers

  36. Danner says:

    I just picked up a 7wt 10′ method. Folks keep tellin me to over line it. I’ve had several other sage rods and have never over lined them. By over lining, isn’t that just slowing the rod down and or making it load faster? What lines do you recommend for a 10′ 7wt?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Danner,
      When over linning a rod, you are in fact slowing the rod down. We recommend a RIO Perception 7wt or RIO Grand 7wt for the 7100-4 METHOD.

      -Team Sage

  37. Robbie says:

    I have a ONE spey rod already and am looking for a 9′ 8wt. rod for all-pupose bass, steelhead, atlantic & silver salmon, walleye, and pike. Would the ONE or METHOD best suit me? I will be pairing it with Rio Smallmouth line and Steelhead & Atlantic Salmon line. Thanks!

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Robbie,
      Both rods will get the job done just fine, it just depends on what action you prefer. If your looking for a stiffer ultra-fast action, the METHOD is your rod. If your looking for a standard fast action rod, then the ONE would be our recommendation.

      -Team Sage

  38. Robbie says:

    Thanks Team Sage for the quick reply.

    I’m not too sure which I’d prefer more. Is there an advantage to one or the other? I only have experience with the ONE and TCX two-hand rods from Sage right now.

  39. Robbie says:

    Sorry again for so many questions. Is there an advantage to going to a 9’6″ or 10″ rod? Like mentioned, I will be fishing for bass, steelhead, salmon, walleye and pike. Streamers and skaters!

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Robbie,
      No problem. Generally, the longer the rod, the less control you have. The advantage though is greater reach and longer casts with that extra rod length. The only advantage the METHOD may have over the ONE would be it’s a bit stiffer and creates a little better line speed to cut wind and cast big flies. The ONE would have greater feel though.

      -Team Sage

  40. Robbie says:

    Thank you Team Sage! That’s exactly what I wanted to know!

  41. Peter I Lantz says:


    I have a TCX spey rod 15` and I have problems with forvard cast I am hooking the fly

    is the Method

    Much softer and more forgiving than the TCX

    Peter I Lantz

    Peter I Lantz

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  43. Bart Taylot 30+ year Guide in Jackson Wyoming says:

    I got to say the TCX is the best rod I have ever had in my hand !! Was a bit disapionted to here it was discontinued because I had not finished filling my arsonol with all the weights I wanted. But after receiving my new Method and putting it to work I think it will be just fine. Wow what a find piece of work!! Thanks Sage you ROck!

  44. Michael says:

    I received my 7119 method about two weeks ago and put it and a sage 6080 to work right away on the lower reaches of the deschutes chasing the summer steel that plagues us here in the NW. All I can say is wow, this rod hits the highest of marks in my book, throwing floating lines and sinking tips with ease to the cut lines and seams where the fish hold. What i really enjoy about the rod is the hook set, a semi-sharp hook finds home everytime even when Im lulled to sleep by the inclimate weather. Fantastic work of art Sage, keep it up.

  45. JakeT says:

    First of great rods. I have the One in 9’/10′ 8 wt, and TCX in 8 wt( Cali Steelhead). Im looking for a 7 wt 10′ for Great Lakes Steelhead and for launching streamers all day on the bighorn. Which would you reccomend the one or method??

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Jake,
      This is really subject to what type of action you prefer. Both rods would preform just fine, it just comes down to whether you prefer a stiffer ultra-fast action rod in the METHOD over a fast action with a little more feel in the ONE.

      -Team Sage

  46. Meti says:

    When will Sage Method be available for sale again? Nobody has it on stock nowdays!!

  47. petr haisman says:

    I am sorry, but right after submitting my latest comment the older ones appeared above.
    I look forward to receiving your reply soon.
    Petr Czech Republic

  48. Steve says:

    I have had a 594XP (everyday dry and nymph) and a790XP(duck and chuck and streamers)for many years and love them but looking at getting a new rod, I cant decide weather to get a 5wt or 6wt Method or one I am not sure I know the difference between fast and ultra fast? Which is the XP? and would a new 6wt replace both of the old rods?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Steve,
      The XP was a fast action rod. If your looking to strictly upgrade, then the ONE rod would probably be a better fit. The METHOD is an extremely fast rod and not for everyone. However, if really fast is what your looking for, we highly recommend it. No single rod can replace two different rod weights but the 590-4 is considered our most all around.

      -Team Sage

  49. petr haisman says:

    Hi team SAGE,

    OK, I will try to send an email for my questions to be answered.

    Regards, Petr

  50. Meti says:

    I will ask again team Sage about when the Method will be on stock again and this time hope to get an answer!!

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Meti,
      The METHOD has been in stock since Mid August. However, there are are certain models that go out from time to time though. What model are you looking at?

      -Team Sage

  51. Alberto says:

    I just got my elite 590, I also bought a rio grand that will be used with a sitting 4650 reel, that honestly I found a little bit oversized, a click maybe it’s more adeguate. I will let u kmow fiume mera in northnern italy full of trout and grayling will tell me. Ciao alberto

  52. Meti says:

    Hi Team Sage, i wanted to buy a 790-4 rod!! I’ve already paid to but they do not have it either and wrote to me that i have to wait until first week of december!!

    thanks for reply

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Meti,
      The rod has become available today and has been released to your dealer. You can check with them directly but we just notified them of the of the shipment. You should be receiving your rod here shortly!

      -Team Sage

  53. Meti says:

    oh thanks, this is wonderful news. this gives me another one extra reason to love SAGE…
    i will write to them right away. thanks again :)

    my best

  54. Patrick says:

    When will the Method rods be available to buy in Ireland ?

  55. petr haisman says:

    I sent an email to as you recommended me. I got the answer very quickly and I made up my mind to go for Method 590 instead of going for TCR 590. I hope to purchase it ASAP, maybe I won´t even have to go to Germany for it.
    Thanx, Petr

  56. petr haisman says:

    Hi team Sage,

    What does it mean “G5” technology used on TCX fly rods? Does it mean graphite 5? Thought it would be used on Method fly rods too. But I found a Picture of built Method 590 and on the blank it is marked as GRAPHITE IV B. As far as I remember, this kind of graphite was used on my old SP+ 590. You wrote above that Method uses your “latest graphite technology”. Where is the truth then when you use the same kind of graphite as on the old SP series rods? The color is…let´s say…arguable and not that important to me but I would like to learn more about graphite used on Method fly rods compared to SP+ fly rods.

    Thanks for your answer, Petr

    • flyfishsage says:

      G5 stands for Generation 5 graphite that was used with the TCX. The METHOD is built with Konnectic Technology graphite that is a newer and better graphite than Generation 5. If you see a METHOD blank that is labeled GIV it is either mislabeled by a custom rod dealer or it is a fake. All METHOD rods should say “Konnectic Technology” under the Sage logo. If you have any deeper questions concerning graphite construction, please contact

      -Team Sage

  57. Geoffrey says:

    Hmmm. That colour is going to be a hard sell for Kiwi anglers. We spend all our time trying to remain invisible to the fish. A bright red rod and rod tube?? That’s going to need to be a huge leap forward over the One rod (in black) to get much traction.

  58. petr haisman says:

    Thanx for your answer, Petr

  59. Cesar says:

    Is the method 590-4 similar to the TCR or TCX?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Cesar,
      It’s Ultra-Fast Action like the both the TCR and TCX but we’d certainly call the METHOD more “fishable” than either of the previous models in that lineage.

      -Team Sage

  60. petr haisman says:

    Hi team Sage,

    Sage Method 590 has been ordered one week ago. I can´t wait to have it! I hope it will be even better than my old 590 SP+. The only thing I am not sure of is the type of a grip. You make it with full wells grip but if you take a good look at Rudi Heger´s website, 590 is pictured with half wells grip. Does Sage Method 590-4 fly rod come with half wells or full wells grip then? Which type of grip will I have on my new fly rod? Czech Sage dealer ordered the Method via Rudi Heger. But in fact, it does not matter what type of grip is on my new Method. I can get with both of them well…:-)))Will SA Mastery ED WF5F fly line match nicely the new Method 590? I hope so. What fly line would you recommend, Do you agree with SA Mastery ED WF5F? The fly reel and the fly line are ready…:)))

    I look forward to hearing from you soon, SAGE fan Petr

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Petr,
      For 590 METHOD’s ordered from Rudi, they typically come with half-wells grips, as that’s what he chooses to order from us. If you were to purchase from a US dealer, they would be the “snub nose” grip.

      As for the line, the SA Mastery ED WF5F would work just fine. We usually recommend RIO though, as that is what we use through all of our building and testing processes.

      -Team Sage

  61. petr haisman says:

    Hi team Sage,

    thanks for your soon reply. Thought that Rudi turns the full-wells grip into half-wells himself to offer something special…:))) As I wrote above, I can get well with both types of grip. BTW: Hanak(Czech Sage dealer) sent me an email today, letting me know that he had gotten the rod from Rudi already.WOOOW. On Friday or Saturday I am heading out for a trip to Hanak´s store. Can´t wait…

    Thanks, Petr

  62. petr haisman says:

    Hi team Sage,

    got it already. I´ve been fishing it since Saturday with dries, nymphs and streamers. The rod is just incredible. I don´t want to write a review of the fly rod but if you allow me, I could write my impressions of fishing Method 590. But only if you like and allow me to. IMO this could help the people here thinking about purchasing 590 Method. Who is replying under the “Team Sage”? Is that you Mr. Jerry Siem? BTW you´ve done an excellent job on this fly rod. IMO this fly rod will be very hard to beat by any other and it doesn´t get any better than this.
    Thanx in advance for your soon reply, Petr

  63. petr haisman says:

    Thank you,

    the Method 590 felt incredibly light when I was holding it in my hands for the first time. The first thing I noticed was the craftmanship of the rod. Smooth and best cork,good- looking cocobolo wood insert and real seat, snake guides, wrapping and of course the blank. I tied up a dry fly before my first cast, then nymphs and a big Black Ghost marabou streamer tied on Mustad 3665 6XL long hook shank size 8. The rod handled it all with finesse even when casting at long range. YES, the rod felt very “lively” and it is sensitive, it has a more sensitive tip when compared with old SP+ 590 and it is “fishable”. I hooked a few small brownies and I was really enjoying while landing them waded in the river. The rod is stiff and very powerful. When you push and have a good timing when casting, you can reach the longest casts. I noticed that the rod is very accurate at any distance because of its sensitive tip. Very smooth casting rod, it has a super feel, incredibly lightweight, superb quality reversed cork handle. The only thing I was worrying about before purchasing the rod was its color. Man I was wrong! Having been used mostly for deep translucent blanks, I quickly fell in love with the color although not translucent:-)))I wonder if there will ever be produced a better and lighter rod than SAGE Method 590 in ultra fast category. And if it ever will, then the Method 590 is its predecessor…:))) True love for the advanced caster and casting in windy conditions.

    6 out of 5:-)

    Excellent job on the fly rod and craftmanship. Unique!!!

    I am sorry for my English but still hoping that it is understandable. I am very glad that I can share with you and I hope this can be helpful for someone.


  64. Phil says:

    In comparing the Method with Xi3 in an 8wt for saltwater use, reading their descriptions they both seem to have accuracy (thanks to Konnetic tech in the Method, and saltH2O in the Xi3). I can see both are also suited to long casts thanks to the ultra fast / fast actions.

    If trying to decide between the two, would one have better ‘lifting’ for boat fishing? Would one be better for flats fishing? Which would be more versatile?
    Any other notable differences that might help a decision?
    Is the Xi3 coating stronger/durable (sure nothing will stand up to a clouser hit…)
    (Key question – is there likely to be an Xi4 soon?)

    Thanks for your time,

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Phil,
      The METHOD uses a higher modulus graphite than the Xi3 which actually makes it a more accurate and powerful rod. Both have an ultra-fast action but outside the graphite the main difference is guide sizing, with the Xi3 having larger saltwater specific guides. Both are very versatile rods so it really just comes down to casting them and seeing which one feels better for you.

      -Team Sage

  65. petr haisman says:

    This ain´t no review, those are just my first impressions of the rod using SA ED WF5F fly line. I know that you´re testing your fly rods with RIO fly lines. When you´re trying to push it behind its limits while casting, the rod feels a bit overloaded with ED (maybe this line would just work fine with 590 TCX if it has even stiffer tip than 590 Method). I guess that it´s caused by the weight and longer taper of the fly line and also by more sensitive tip of the rod (compared to SP+). On the other side it just loads fine and very quickly from short to mid distances. Rio Gold or Perception to work it out?

    Thanx in advance, Petr

  66. petr haisman says:

    Or RIO Grand to handle long distance?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Contacting RIO directly may be best for performance line questions but we can tell you that Grand has the largest head weight of the three.

      -Team Sage

  67. petr haisman says:

    I forgot to write that I was casting a 10 ft long leader with marabou streamer on, tied on Mustad 3665 6XL size 6 and 8 !!! I believe that the turnovers at long distance with 10 ft long leader and big streamer on would not be easy for any other ultra-fast fly rod. The perfect timing is a must for me when casting and fishing with long leaders and bigger flies. When I was going through the RIO catalog, I noticed that RIO Grand fly line has got shorter head than SA ED so it will probably load the rod better because of Method´s more sensitive tip (compared to SP+ 590) Besides testing this fly rod with RIO Grand fly line, did you also try to cast with SA ED WF5F fly line? I am not a competition caster but a flyfisher looking for optimal loading the fly rod even at long distance as this amazing fly rod was made for.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,

    Regards, Petr

    • flyfishsage says:

      Line setups are really more personal preference than anything so you kind of have to try things out and see what works best for you. But generally speaking, we recommend a RIO Perception or Grand line. We can’t speak to the performance of SA lines.

      -Team Sage

  68. petr haisman says:


    yeah, I know that you can´t speak to the performance of SA or any other brand lines because you´re testing your fly rods with RIO fly lines.Yeah, I agree with you that choosing the right fly line is really more personal preference. In fact I didn´t know if you had a chance to compare any of RIO fly lines recommended by you with any other fly line of different brand. SA ED just works fine with this fly rod and is my most favorite fly line that I´ve ever had but anyway, I´ll be thinking about purchasing Perception for the upcoming season to try out what you recommend for perfect loading the fly rod. I had only RIO trout line DT5 in past that worked just fine with a softer rod.

    Thank you, Petr

  69. JT says:

    in your opininon which ,and why, is the best rod for compettion distance casting : Method, TCR or TCX?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi JT,
      While this pretty subjective to the individual casters preference, we suggest the METHOD rod. All three rods are ultra-fast action but what the METHOD has that the others don’t is Konnetic Technology graphite which reduces torsional movement better than any previous graphite. That reduced torsional movement means less energy being wasted on side to side movement and more energy being retained in the casting stoke.

      -Team Sage

  70. Thomas Haugland says:

    How many grains of Airflo compact Intermediate would you suggest for the 10150-4?

  71. Patrick says:

    With regard to the 14′ Method, what weight skagit head suits it best and what weight scandi shooting head suits it best ?

  72. Ria Belstri says:

    What modulus graphite is used in the one model and the method? Thank you.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Ria,
      In today’s landscape of rod manufacturing, we no longer just use one modulus of graphite. Instead we combine a proprietary blend of modulus’ and manufacturing methods to get to our final product.

      -Team Sage

  73. Lamouche Patrick says:

    Bonjours à tous

    Pensez vous fabriquer dans l’avenir une
    Méthode 9.6 pied soie de 6 sans le talon de
    combat, comme c’est le cas pour la série One.


    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Patrick,
      At the moment we don’t have any plans to make a 9 foot 6 inch METHOD without a fighting butt.

      -Team Sage

  74. Seb says:


    Sur le site yellowstone angler, ils font un comparatif de cannes en soie de 8. Pour la method ils choisissent de prendre une puissance de 7. Ils disent que les method font un numéro au dessus de ce qui est indiquer. Que faut il en penser?


    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Seb,
      These types of tests are highly subjective and depend on anglers preferences but we recommend true line sizing for all of our rods.

      -Team Sage

  75. Seb says:

    Ok, merci. Et quelle soie chez Rio préconisez vous pour une soie de 5? et une soie de 8?


    • flyfishsage says:

      There are a lot of different line recommendations we could make depending on how and what you are going to use it on. How do you plan on using either one?

      -Team Sage

  76. Seb says:

    La soie de 5 serait pour les rivières assez larges, truites en sèche et nymphe et petit streamer. La soie de 8 pour le saumon en canne à une main.

  77. Cast the 9wt today and it rocks! I found the color unique and it really pops in sunlight…very cool.
    I found it to have enough tip to throw a beautiful loop and accurate presentation as short as 30 ft., which is amazing considering it throws a whole line with one back cast.
    I own several One’s and feel the Method takes even greater advantage of your Konnetic technology. I tend to throw a little hook when I get lazy, and this rod just tracks straight through it.
    This is a quantum leap from the TCX, I guess in fact it’s a fast One, negating the TCX.
    The only thing lost is feedback, but you can’t have everything, it’s a hauling line speed rod…timing not feel…GREAT JOB

  78. Thomas Haugland says:

    When recomending 725 grains for 10150, is it for the belly or for both belly and tip?

  79. Thomas Haugland says:

    Hi, in my opinion the difference between one and tcx in both action and stiffness is pretty large. When comparing a 7100 one with a Method 7100, how would you describe the difference? Is the Method more like one in stiffness?

  80. robert elliott says:

    what brand and size of line do you recommend for the 9 foot 9 weight method rod?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Robert,

      We recommend RIO, but it depends on what type of fishing your planning to use it for. If you can tell us your intended application, we can dial it in for you.

      -Team Sage

  81. robert elliott says:

    Atlantic salmon fr 4 to 20lb thanks robert

    • flyfishsage says:

      You’ll want the RIO Steelhead/Salmon line in a 9wt, you can roll cast that line easily, single spey, and the rear body makes it easy to mend.

      -Team Sage

  82. robert elliott says:


  83. Robbie says:

    Hello Team Sage!

    I’ve been playing around with the 12’6″ 7 wt. spey rods and 11’6″ and 11’9″ 7 wt. switch rods in both the One and Method series. I have a couple One’s already and really like the feel; however, which rod would benefit me more fishing steelhead (great lakes) and atlantic salmon (northwestern ontario & Québec)? I would be fishing small-med. sized rivers, occasionally with sink tips.


    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Robbie,
      We would suggest the Method 7126-4 with a Rio Scandi 480gr, if you want to add a tip this rod/line combo will cast Rio Spey versileader 10’ very nicely.

      -Team Sage

  84. Jack Brockermeyer says:

    What line would be recommended for a 10 weight Method for Tarpon fishing in the Keys (1090-4 METHOD)?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Jack,
      You’ll either want the 10wt RIO Tarpon line or the 10wt RIO Tarpon Short line.

      -Team Sage

      • No.53 says:

        This is Japanese fisherman that always in the mood for fly fishing.
        I bought METHOD 697-4 for the lake that windy mountain rock area. And I have very pleased with this rod’s fast feeling.
        I have more one favorite lake(ASINOKO),but this is almost in the woods area.
        And I want METHOD Switch 5119-4 for this popular hight pleasure Lake.
        Is this size will be release this year ?

        • flyfishsage says:

          At the moment there are no plans for a 5119-4 METHOD but we do have 5116-4 ONE that we’d highly recommend.

          -Team Sage

  85. seb says:


    J’ai un copain qui a la soie sage performance taper 2 pour une TCR en soie de 5. Est ce qu’on peut toujours se la procurer ? Sinon, quelle est sa correspondance chez Rio?


    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Seb,
      Not entirely clear on your question but if it’s a question, it’s best if you ask RIO directly.

      -Team Sage

  86. seb says:


    My question was : wich rio fly line in équivalent of sage performance taper 2 fly line? And this fly line is still produced today?


  87. Bill says:

    Got my 9@ 6’# a couple of weeks back and took it out on a small lake fishery to try out, only way to describe it “totally awesome”. Let a few other anglers try it out and all were very very impressed, nearly had a fight to get it back. A winner for Sage.

  88. Robbie Ray says:

    Any details available as to whether a 13’6″ 7wt. or 8wt. will be available in the Method series?

    Thank you.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Robbie,
      No plans in the near future for 13’6″ METHOD. Only the ONE has had enough demand in that size to make production viable.

      -Team Sage


    hi I have just ordered a new method 8119-4 switch rod. what is a good reel match. I have a new 4210
    and am hoping it will be a good match

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Daniel,
      It really depends on whether you like a little lighter or little heavier setup. For lighter setups we definitely recommend the 4210 or the 3810CF. For a slightly heavier swing weight we recommend the 6010 or 8010 Pro.

      -Team Sage


    thanks flyfish that’s what I wanted to here the lighter setups

  91. walter Meier says:

    I am purchasing a Method 7 wt for bonefish. I do most of my fishing from a skiff but like to wade too. Most of my rods are 9′ but think the 9.5′ might be better for wading? My local dealer says that the 9.5′ may be back ordered when he called just last friday? What line do you recommend for the 7 wt? Any differenence between the 9′ or the 9.5′ rod as far as line is concerned?

    I have a Z Axis 11′ switch, best line for Atlantic salmon?


  92. Dmitry says:

    I have fished the new Method 796 and absolutely loved it.
    I am now thinking of a switch for my summer trip to a wild siberian river… The average catch will be a 10 lbs pike but there is a chance to hook into 30+ northern or taimen. Which switch rod (8116 one/8119/9119 method) would you reccomend to be mostly used with a skagit line and 12+ inches streamers?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Dmitry,
      If you are planning on spey casting that large of a fly the 9119 METHOD with a 625 Skagit Max Short is what you want. For overhand casting an 11wt Outbound Short is what we recommend.

      -Team Sage

  93. Dmitry says:

    Sorry, not 12+ inches but 12+ cm, which is roughtly 5 inches.

  94. José Luis says:

    Hi from Spain, and please…, my English is not good. I hope that you understand me.
    I bought a 490 Sage Method, this is a wonderful fly rod, it is fast and sensitive…
    I have a Rio Gold wf 4# with it, but I think that the rod is not good for short distances with Rio Gold fly line. What line do you think is best for short distances and for long distances?? and also a smooth line that does not scare the trouts???
    Perhaps I want to much,jejejje

  95. Daniel says:

    I fish big lakes for trout , and have to admit the method has changed my life , the wind is Always blowing , so casting a fly on an intermediate or sinking line with the method is much easier than the one

  96. Nathan says:

    I’m looking at a switch rod set up.Currently flicking around 5 & 6 wt ONES. Have some bigger water here where I fish in NZ and a switch looks like it can open up some of that water thats bushed in to the waters edge.
    What reel would you match with the 6wt one or method switch and is a 6wt switch, the same class as a 6wt single handed.I’ve herd differing views on this.Then line wt to match?Cheers.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Nathan,

      For the 6wt. switch ONE we’d recommend a 4280 reel. For lines, it really depends on what you want to do. RIO has a 6wt. switch specific line that works well with it or if your looking to get a little more dialed in, we’d recommend RIO 31′- 350 to 385 grain Steelhead Scandi & Versi Tip or 400 grain Flight & Light MOW or 425 grain Skagit Short & Light MOW. A 6 wt. switch rod isn’t the same “class” as a 6 wt. single hand, so you don’t want to try and match single hand lines with it.

      -Team Sage

  97. sonny dreger says:

    If I were to order a 10′, 7 weight method fly rod how long would it take to get it? Just I was told they are unavailable at this time and are in production.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Sonny,

      We currently have the 7100-4 METHOD in-stock, so if you order it from a dealer they should be able to get it to now.

      -Team Sage

  98. Cesar says:


    Can you tell me the size of the guides in the method 9140-4?


  99. Cuzza says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m considering the 8119 method switch rod for salmon as a spey rod is unsuitable due to overhanging trees and steep banks, therefore can you confirm the rod is ok for 20lb fish.
    Also what weight skagit max short and sage reel would you pair it with?


    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Cuzza,

      That rod will handle those fish just fine. For the 8119 METHOD we’d suggest 20′ head 575gr Skagit Max Short with any of our reels in the “10” size. We recommend 6010, 8010PRO, EVOKE 10, or 4210.

      -Team Sage

      • Cuzza says:

        Hi Guys

        Now I’m confused on the right skagit max short for the 8119 as you advise a 575gr to my original post, however in an earlier post in the blog section you advise a 525gr with the sage line guide stating 550gr?

        Rod arrived yesterday so could really do with a definitive steer.

        MOW tips will be used

        Thanks in advance for your support

  100. Kristian Rapisarda says:

    I’m planning on purchasing the Method 8119 and need a recommendation for a reel reel to balance it. I’d only be using it as a swing setup with Skagit head, sink tips, and heavy flies. Thx


  101. Pingback: New 8wt: Scott Tidal vs Sage Motive vs Winston Nexus - The North American Fly Fishing Forum

  102. Thomas Haugland says:

    Hi, which shooting head from Rio do you recommend for a Method 796? I wax looking at Rio scandi versitip short and Rio scandi SH. And how many grains would you recommend?

  103. Dennis says:

    I’m new to spey rods. I need to buy a rod for sea run browns in Tierra Del Fuego. The lodge recommends a Sage Method 12’6 # 8. I plan to use the same rod for steelhead and possibly silver salmon fishing on the US West Coast.
    My friends suggest the Sage one would be a better all around rod for what I want because the Method is supposedly too stiff… What do you suggest and do you have a reel suggestion

    • flyfishsage says:

      We think you’d be happy either way but the ONE would probably be our suggestion as well, as it’s easier to feel the line load on it. We’d suggest a 4210 0r 6010 reel depending on how you like your setups. 4210 if you like lighter setups and 6010 if you want a little more swing weight.

      -Team Sage

  104. Dennis says:

    add to my last post.. My friends suggest a Sage one 7 wgt
    for the fishing I will be doing in Argentina and the USA
    versus the Sage Method 12’6 #8 wgt… what do you suggest and the appropriate reel

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