Sage Reimagines Reel Design with the EVOKE


Sage Reimagines Reel Design with the EVOKE
June 17, 2013 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – Fly fishing industry leader, Sage Manufacturing, introduces a completely new reel design called the EVOKE. These reels provide anglers with all of the drag strength and adjustability they desire coupled with a unique structural design that offers distinct fishing benefits. The reels feature a modified full frame design that contains the line while at the same time allowing access to both rims of the spool for palming while fighting fish.

“In our ongoing effort to push the boundaries of innovative reel designs, our R&D team developed this amazing modified frame,” notes Eric Gewiss, Sage marketing manager. “The top part of the frame is closed which eliminates the possibility of errant line mishaps while the bottom of the spool is exposed so the angler can apply palming or fingertip pressure to either side of the reel.”

The large arbor EVOKE reels use the same proven Sealed Carbon System drag design as Sage’s popular 6000 series reels. The large, easy-to-grab, one revolution drag knob has detents from 1 to 39 for more finesse when dialing-in the desired drag resistance.

EVOKE reels are fully machined and will be available in both 8 and 10 weights. The reels come in three color options including: stealth/platinum, bronze/platinum and stealth/blaze. The 8-weight reel retail price is $575, the 10-weight retails for $595 and the spools retail for $275 and $295, respectively. Both reels will be available in August 2013.

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  5. Timothy Matt says:

    This is one sweet piece of engineering

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  7. Tom Brodhead says:

    Any plans to make these in a smaller trout size?



  8. Ken says:

    Could you let me know the diameter and width of this reel?

  9. Maumus says:

    Trying to figure if it can be converted to crank with the right hand. Looks like maybe the line opening is only in one direction.

    Cheers! <

  10. Rob says:

    Which would be the better size for a 13’6″ 7 wt. spey rod? Thanks.

  11. Dennis says:

    Will this reel replace the 6000 series? Also what is the major difference between the EVOKE 10 and the 6010?

    Thanks & tight lines.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Dennis,
      The EVOKE is not replacing the 6000 series. The main difference is the frame design, as the EVOKE is more “open” with the exposed palming rim and minimal frame design. Both utilize the same drag configuration though.

      -Team Sage

  12. Andy Kleinhofs says:

    What would be the optimum reel for the new 6 piece 7 weight 13 ft 6 in traveling Spey rod?

  13. Brian says:

    How does it sound? Does it have a retrieve/strip click?
    One of my favorite items I look for in a reel is it being LOUD. I know that may not be everyones preference but I love hearing my reel scream when I have a fish on. I have a Sage 4680 and 3810CF and both are low/med with sound. Is this reel along the same lines or louder?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Brian,
      The EVOKE is definitely louder than the 4680 and slightly louder in (our opinion) than the 3800CF. Overall though, it’s pretty inline with the 3800CF.

      -Team Sage

  14. Guth says:

    Which size EVOKE reel would you recommend for the VXP 7133 Spey Rod?


  15. i want to know how to buy.SAGE EVOKE REEL and ROD? PLS, REPLY

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Wangner,
      You want to find a dealer to purchase Sage rods and reels. The best place to look is through our dealer locator here

      -Team Sage

  16. Craig says:

    Would the EVOKE be a good combination for the Sage Bass II Largemouth?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Adam,
      That’s a really heavy reel for that short of a rod. The 4200 series balances better if you’re fishing for bass and other warm water fish where backing capacity is not necessary the 4280 would be a better balance. If your fishing in saltwater and need more backing the 4210 would be best.

      -Team Sage

  17. chris says:

    Hi SAGE,
    which size of sage reels you will recomend for my new VXP 8136-4 spey rod?


  18. Bob says:

    What is the recommended Evoke pairing with a 8 weight 13’6′ Sage One Spey rod? Also, what is the recommended Evoke pairing with a 8 weight 12’6′ Sage Method Spey rod?

  19. Mike says:

    How would the Evoke 8 Pair with an 8wt Vapen for flats fishing and/or steelhead?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Mike,

      An EVOKE 8 would pair nicely with an 8wt Vapen for both of those applications.

      -Team Sage

      • John Nigh says:

        Nice Reel, dedicated Left and Right hand models.
        Speaking of the 3800 series above. Is it it totally discontinued? Did the Carbon Fiber Spool not go over well? John

        • flyfishsage says:

          Hi John,

          The 3800CF is discontinued. If you are looking for extra spools you should contact our warranty, as they may have some available.

          -Team Sage

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