Offering Saltwater Anglers Precision and Power with the SALT

Sage SALT Cover Fast

The team at Sage understands the kind of intense pressure saltwater fishing puts on fly rod performance. This fall, to meet the incredibly diverse range of casting demands in saltwater angling, Sage introduces the SALT.

Sage SALT Rod
Using Konnetic Technology®, Sage created the SALT to load quickly as well as maintain high line speeds and accuracy to land the fly exactly where wary saltwater species demand. The SALT’s robust salt-action taper provides the power needed to cast today’s heavier fly lines and deliver all sizes of flies at any range with precision.

“The ability to adapt to quickly changing conditions is imperative when saltwater fishing, and Konnetic Technology allows deft sensitivity and the ability to track extremely straight. The new SALT shines in all fishing scenarios,” comments Sage chief rod designer, Jerry Siem.

Available in 12 models ranging from five through 16-weights, the SALT uses a fast-loading, salt action blank in dark sapphire with black thread wraps and silver trim wraps. The oversized Fuji ceramic stripper guides and hard chromed snake guides and tip top ensure this rod performs. The heavy-duty stealth black anodized aluminum up-locking reel seat creates a solid nest for the reel, and the hidden hook keeper in the reel seat keeps things sleek. The super full-wells cork handle offers a positive grip in tough fishing conditions. The SALT comes in a black rod back with electric blue logo and model tag in a matching electric blue powder-coated aluminum rod tube with Sage medallion. The Sage SALT will be available at retail in August 2014 for a retail price of $850.

Sage SALT Rod Sections

Sage SALT Reel Seat Detail

590 SALT Sage

890 SALT Sage

1290 SALT Sage

1386 SALT Sage

Sage SALT Tube

14 Responses to Offering Saltwater Anglers Precision and Power with the SALT

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  2. Bard says:

    Most excited to read this. We featured translated and featured the write up on the news release of the Sage SALT. It would be good if you guys do a video of it.

  3. Mike O'Neill says:

    Looking forward to giving some monster barramundi a run for their money with the new SALT!

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  7. Bob Triggs says:

    I have really been looking forward to this one!

  8. Glenn says:

    Heard about the Salt earlier this year. Already have the Motive, and the Salt in a different weight will be a welcome addition to my fly rods.

  9. Vasili says:

    Looking forward to a new rod. Can you compare this to the method? Have a 4 wt method and love it for small to med trout rivers.

  10. Vasili says:

    Looking forward to a new rod. Can you compare this to the method? Have a 4 wt method and love it for small to med trout rivers. Looking for a 7wt or 8wt for bones.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Vasili,

      The SALT isn’t as stiff as a whole as the METHOD but it has a stiff tip and better line pickup for saltwater specific applications.

      -Team Sage

  11. eric aquino says:

    Recently addicted, I have only been fly fishing for about 2 years and most of it has been salt water which is a bit more forgiving under most circumstances (at least to me) I started with a competitor of yours and quickly realized that I needed to upgrade and have not been disappointed yet. This will be my next investment.

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  13. Jon Miller says:

    I test drove one today at a local shop. WOW! INCREDIBLE rod! I can only imagine what it will do in skilled hands. I will be adding one to my arsenal.

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