Astonishing Numbers for Bristol Bay

Sage Fly Fishing - Save Bristol Bay

The country has spoken. 200,000 people took the time to submit comments on the EPA’s Watershed Assessment on Bristol Bay, AK. More impressively, 98% of them agreed with the EPA’s findings in opposing Pebble Mine.

The Assessment concludes that Bristol Bay’s wild salmon fishery and other natural resources provide at least 14,000 full and part-time jobs and is valued at about $480 million annually. The EPA also found that even at its minimum size, mining the Pebble deposit would eliminate or block 55 to 87 miles of salmon streams and at least 2500 acres of wetlands – key habitat for sockeye salmon and other fishes. Are you concerned yet?

It appears that the country is in fact concerned, yet the result is now out of our hands. The Obama administration, with help from the EPA, must now move forward on implementing a 404C to firmly protect the region. Are 200,000 voices enough to be heard? We must wait and see.

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  1. Michael Klint Borozan says:

    The numbers are wonderful. But this kind of thing is always so politically charged, I believe most anything can still happen.
    I sent a letter to my senator, Dick Durbin, and was somewhat concerned that his response was so overtly balanced for both sides and non-committal, which should be a flare to all of those against this project. Additionally, if you like the affordable health care act or not, it was rammed down everyones throat at 1am during the holidays, in spite of a dissenting public opinion that reached 70% of our citizens. Conclusion: raw math tells you 200,000 voices is not enough.

    This is a complex issue, and if you put your faith in bureaucrats, you will ALWAYS lose. Pursuit of the EPA restrictions is a valid strategy. Another would be to seek blockage of any traffic easements Pebble would need to ship out ore by putting the lands into a wilderness trust, or blocking any shipping licenses to carry ore, taking the operational feasibility out of play should the mine become viable due to a political failure on the part of the government. Another might be to organize a capital embargo so that the Pebble Mine can not get funding.
    The world needs no more gold, or the arsenic its mining leaves behind. Anyone who has never been to Butte, Montana, or Sun Valley, Idaho, or traveled to Twin Bridges, needs to see the devastation these bastards leave behind. The taxpayers always get stuck with the cost of clean-up, or worse living with it.
    If your representatives are not aware of what is happening, please make them aware. If they wont support a public statement on a ban, I urge you to vote them out of their jobs next week.

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