Sage Reinvents the Travel Rod Tube

Sage New Award Winning Technical Travel Rod Tube

July 25, 2012 (Bainbridge Island, Wash.) – Sage Manufacturing, fly-fishing industry leader, announces the release of the most innovative rod tube design in over 50 years. Sage’s new design transforms the traditional travel rod tube to set the new standard in fly rod protection.

Safeguarding fly rods is essential for any angler, whether throwing them in the back of the truck for a quick trip after work or traveling to exotic fishing destinations around the world. Made using an aluminum extrusion process, the unique and proprietary design incorporates alternating convex and concave curves, which not only looks sophisticated but also adds new dimensions of strength. Its distinctive octagonal shape also keeps the tube stable on smooth surfaces. Other features include oversized, rubberized end caps which help prevent scratches and dents and a bottom cap with a custom ID area to write crucial contact information in case of loss. The quarter-turn tenon style cap clicks shut to form a tight seal to keep dust, water and grit out of the tube. Each of these features ensures that rods will be protected no matter the abuse.

Sage New Award Winning Technical Travel Rod Tube

Oversized, rubberized tenon style caps click shut to form a tight seal to keep dust, water and grit out of the tube.

Offered in nine different sizes, Sage rod tubes will come in 2”, 2.25” and 4” diameters. Each diameter will be available in 33”, 44” and 55” lengths. The 2.25” and 4” sizes come with an adjustable shoulder strap for ease of carrying. Sporting a large green Sage logo, the natural colored aluminum rod tubes have a technical looking finish and black end caps and will be recognizable in airports and in the back of fishing rigs around the country. The tubes will be available at retail stores starting in February 2013 and will retail from $80 to $150.

“Having won the award for Best Accessory at the EFTTEX show in Paris in June, we are excited to introduce these state-of-the-art rod tubes to North American retailers at the IFTD show next month,” comments Eric Gewiss, Sage Marketing Manager. “Taking something that is commonly used around the globe and making it unique, beautiful and more durable, aligns with Sage’s mission to make the best fly fishing products for anglers all over the world.”

About Sage:
Founded in 1980, Sage was created with one idea in mind – to build the world’s finest performance fly rods. Passionate about creating fly fishing products that continually exceed expectations, Sage strives to seek performance advantages through new materials and designs based on a foundation of research and innovation. Sage also offers fly reels, fly lines, apparel, accessories and luggage for avid anglers.

21 Responses to Sage Reinvents the Travel Rod Tube

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  2. Garth Soby says:

    Looks awesome can’t wait to try them out good work Guys

  3. Niclas Gudmundsson says:

    This rodtube will be on my list of equipment to have with me on my saltwater travels !

  4. m.ranniar says:

    I love the look of the new NON-ROLLING tube . Tell me, cloth sleeves for the rod , when in sections, are they available?

  5. m.ranniar says:

    Do the cloths that protect the rod sections come with the new tubes?

  6. GARY CROSSLEY says:

    Nice looking kit. This could be what I’m looking for for overseas trips. Can the tubes be made secure with padlocks?

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Gary,
      Thank you for the kind words. While the cap does snugly snap into place, there are no padlock fittings on the tube.

      -Team Sage

  7. Luis E. Rincones says:

    Great design. Please, let me know the capacity in rods length and type, for each model

  8. Dolan says:

    Can the bottom endcap be removed? I would like to purchase a 55″ model and cut it down to about 45″
    inside measurement. Thank you

  9. anthony stephen featherstone says:

    are the length measurements internal or external

  10. brian stant says:

    I just recently bought a 3113lb gear rod and found out that it does not come with a tube. My 3 other gear rods came with one, so i didn’t think to ask if this one does. Could you please help me to locate a tube for this rod, preferably a sage tube. Old style or new style as long it’s padded on the inside.

    • flyfishsage says:

      Hi Brian,
      You’ll have to contact customer service at Email: or Phone: 877-263-6141. However, those rods were discontinued quite a few years ago and our new tubes don’t accommodate many of the gear rods.

      -Team Sage

  11. Jeff Furstenau says:

    what do they weigh?

  12. joel christopher says:

    Greetings, I am writing to inquire as to the weight of the 33″ Large Multi? Thanks in advance.

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