The Green River Below Flaming Gorge – What We All Stand To Lose

The Green River Below Flaming Gorge - Tim Romano - Flickr

We love the opportunity to fish the Green. When we heard about what could potentially happen below the gorge, to one of our favorite places, well, we had to help get the word out. So what’s going on at the Green River Below Flaming Gorge? Read on…Tim Romano breaks it down for us and shares how to take action.

A few weeks ago I floated, fished, camped and took photos of what has to be one of the most beautiful trout rivers in the United States – the A, B and C sections of the Green River below Flaming Gorge Reservoir in northeastern Utah.

If you’ve never been–the Green below flaming gorge should be on your life list as an angler. It’s simply like no other trout stream I’ve ever seen. The fish are plentiful and can be very large, the water is gin clear to 30 feet in spots, the canyon is breathtakingly gorgeous, there’s amazing animal life everywhere (we saw bald eagles, moose, deer, otters, hawk,etc…), the campsites are first rate, and the rowing can be a ton of fun.

Unfortunately the Green is under serious threat from a Colorado developer named Aaron Million and potentially others down the line that want “to take 81 billion gallons of water each year out of the Green River and Flaming Gorge, and pump it 560 miles to the Front Range of Colorado. That’s 250,000 acre-feet per year. Initial construction costs for this project will exceed $7 billion, with annual operating costs totaling over $123 million.”

The negative impacts of this project could be enormous and potentially could affect local communities, fish and game habitats and taxpayers in three states. And for what? For one man to make a handsome profit so it’s easer for me to water my Kentucky blue grass that I should’t have to begin with. That’s silly.

For more on the issues at hand and what can be done to help stop the proposal visit and click on the image below to view a fantastic slideshow of the area.

The Green River Below Flaming Gorge - Tim Romano - Flickr

Click for photos of the Green River Sportsmen's Conservation Project.

Fine arts photographer Tim Romano has conspired to convince his wife and family that in order to produce more and better work he must essentially tackle his vices head-on in the field of play. This hard-earned license to roam has led to assignments in Alaska, Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, Russia, Bahamas, Mexico, British Columbia, and extensively in the US. Tim is a frequent contributor to Field & Stream, and co-writes that magazine’s fly fishing blog, “FlyTalk.” He is also the managing editor of Angling Trade Magazine (the business publication for the Fly Fishing Industry), as well a Photo Editor of the highly regarded publication The Fly Fish Journal. His artwork is part of the permanent collections at Lake Forest College, Photo Americas Portland, Instituto de Artes de Medellin, Colombia, and the University of Colorado, Boulder. See more of Tim Romano’s work at

2 Responses to The Green River Below Flaming Gorge – What We All Stand To Lose

  1. Judd Singer says:

    I am a real estate developer and an angler who has fished the Green. Don’t do it!

  2. Brian Hoskisson says:

    The Green River thrives when we have high water years. Hatches are large, fish get big and strong and a 4wt river turns into a 6wt river. If this pipeline is allowed to happen the Green will be forever ruined. Flows turn stagnant, sediment clogs insect habitat, fish lose strength, water gets too warm during summer months…this is during drought years. The pipeline would be a perpetual drought for the Green River. Go to: ItsOurDamWater.Org to add your voice to the protection of this amazing fishery. It truly is one of the most amazing fisheries in North America.

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