October Babine River Wild Steelhead

Netted Steelhead - Lani Waller - Babine River BC

If anyone has ever dreamed of fishing at a world class steelheader’s lodge on the beautiful Babine River, this may whet your appetite. Here’s a field report from Sage Ambassador, Lani Waller, that was just too good to keep to ourselves.

“The 2011 season on the Babine River in northern British Columbia produced its share of wild steelhead. I fished the river during the week of Oct 8-15 and Babine runs this year were around two to three weeks late and many of the fish had gill net scars from the large gill net fleet netting the Skeena.”

He continues, “This particular female however, escaped the nets somehow and was clean and bright – a reminder of the grace and resiliency of Skeena stocks of wild steelhead.”

Babine Hen - Steelhead - Lani Waller - Sage Fly Fish

Something that will make your day - A nice chrome Babine Hen.

Thanks for the update Lani!


About Lani: Over his career, Lani has contributed to various publications, and it would be safe to say, his work has appeared in nearly every notable fly fishing publication. Lani currently operates Lani Waller’s Worldwide Anglers and spends his autumns at The Silver Hilton Lodge on the famous Babine River. Lani was featured in Trey Comb’s classic, Steelhead Fly Fishing, and recently published his first book, River of Dreams.

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  1. john mc intyre says:

    looks like someone needs to try and stop the gill nets, there killing everything in my neck of the woods too and then disguard what they can,t sell and call it buy catch

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