Skins & Fins

skins and fins

Skins & Fins

Film by Drew Stoecklein

Check out some of our B.C. fly fisher/skier friends as they embark on a 13 day fly fishing and backcountry ski adventure out in Terrace:

5 Responses to Skins & Fins

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  2. tony hoag says:

    Great stuff! Great products. Cheers, Tony Hoag …

  3. tony hoag says:

    Thank you.

  4. Wayne Hrynuik says:

    That was the best job of showing these majestic fish. Being held high out of the water always pisses me off. You gentlemen did it great in the water the way it should be done, hope others see this and follow your example!

  5. Peter Taylor says:

    Wow, wonderful scenery and beautiful fishes.

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