Sage Swag Giveaway (Week Four)

Sage Swag

See this week’s trivia question below to enter to win some Sage swag. Post your answer by Wednesday in the comments section and we’ll pick a winner with the correct answer on Thursday morning. Remember, all answers can be found on the website. Good Luck!

Question: How many models does the new ONE two-handed rods have? (Hint: Switch included)

Answer: The new ONE two-handed rods have 14 models from a 4116-4 Switch rod all the way up to a 10150-4 Spey rod.

Congratulations to this week’s winner Robin Squires!

41 Responses to Sage Swag Giveaway (Week Four)

  1. Nathan Cornelius says:

    14 two-handed rods.

    • Spencer says:

      Sage carries 14 new one switch and spey fly rods in total 5 of them are two Handed switch fly rods and 9 of them are two handed Spey fly rods.

  2. Mario Geldenhuys says:


  3. Billy Wohl says:

    There are 3 models.

  4. Charlie Hainey says:


    Models ;0))

  5. Jeff Webster says:

    Five models.

  6. Harry Tepper says:

    there are three models of the “One”

  7. Le Metayer Jean Marie says:

    9 models

  8. jimmy a says:

    One switch model, three spey models

  9. joel ebbers says:

    14 models. Thanks Sage!

  10. Jordan Simpson says:

    There are 9 different models of the ONE.

  11. Ron Bowman says:

    14 total, 5 switch and 9 spey. Thanks Sage!

  12. John Wharton says:

    There are 14 models!

  13. Jeff Turner says:


  14. Mark says:

    14 models

  15. Kevin App says:

    14 models

  16. Scott Pletsch says:

    there are 14 models

  17. Geoff V says:

    14 models. merry Christmas!

  18. Shane Milburn says:

    14 models

  19. Robin Squires says:

    14 models

  20. luis says:

    14 models.

  21. Jason Lawson says:


  22. Felix Mendi says:

    14 Thanks Sage

  23. Brody Aukerman says:

    there are 14 two hand sage ONE rods! and they are amazing!

  24. Bryan L. says:

    14 I believe.

  25. Matt McCarthy says:

    Nine models

  26. Pim Geimer says:

    14 models…..

  27. Miles says:

    14 models If I counted correctly

  28. Brian Laughery says:

    14 :)

  29. Ed Smith says:

    14 One two handers

  30. Matt jones says:

    there are 14 ONE two-handed rods including the switch.

  31. Dave I says:

    14 Models in total

  32. John Lombardo says:


  33. Knut Olav Olsen M says:

    14. models

  34. Jari Liukko says:


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