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This holiday season we here at Sage want to offer our fans a way to win some swag! We will be posting a trivia question on our blog four times throughout the month. All you have to do is visit the blog, answer the question in the comments section and then check back to see if you’ve won. We will post the question today the 3rd, the 10th, the 17th and the 24th. You will have until Wednesday of that week to answer the question, and then first thing Thursday morning, we will post the randomly chosen winner with a correct answer. We will then get in touch with you to send you some sweet Sage swag including a limited edition ONE hat, Sage Buff, stickers, and a copy of Paid In Full DVD. See this week’s trivia question below. All answers can be found on the Sage website. Good Luck!


Question: After starting over 30 years ago with only six employees, Sage has grown to how many employees now?

Answer: Today we employ all 175 employees right here on Bainbridge Island, WA!
Congratulations to Zach Brown, our first winner!!!

223 Responses to Sage Swag Giveaway

  1. ryan lerman says:


  2. Donny Killian says:


  3. Brent Robinson says:

    60 employees

  4. Andrew Nevins says:

    175 people strong!

  5. Wes Nannen says:

    Sage has grown to 175 employees. Hit me up with some swag.

  6. Kamil Kuzba says:

    Hi guys, the correct answer is 175 employees.



  7. Christina Walker says:

    Sage has grown to 175 employees.

  8. Paul Branham says:


  9. Kelley Osgood says:

    175 employees

  10. Dan Colloby says:

    175 employees ?

  11. travis small says:


  12. joel ebbers says:

    175 employees

  13. Nicole Woltersdorf says:

    175 employees

  14. Pablo Luis Nicolini says:

    175 employees

  15. Alex Krasnoshchek says:


  16. Ole Hansen says:

    175 employees

  17. Ignacio Astigarraga says:

    175 employees

  18. Brandon Montgomery says:


  19. Brandon Montgomery says:


  20. Alex Krasnoshchek says:

    32 im sorry 32 i mean

  21. Kristian Solli says:


    Sage has now 175 employees.

  22. Deane Phillips says:

    175 Employees

  23. Philip Fibiger says:

    175 employees

  24. Cory Fleming says:

    Sage now has 247 employees now. That’s my best quess.

  25. Matti Majorin says:

    Your great company has 175 (or more) employees! Well done! Love your products…

  26. Henna Honkanen says:


  27. Steven Uyetanaka says:

    175 Employees

  28. Nick Kludt says:

    Since the founding of Sage in 1980, the company has grown to 175 employees making the finest fly rods on Earth!

  29. Trevor Larson says:

    175 employees! My 691 one has changed my life send me some swag I will happily advertise your products!

  30. Joshua Bergan says:


  31. Mike Maesar says:

    175 employees

  32. Pete Carty says:


  33. Patrick Harrison Moore says:

    I wouldn’t use anything but a Sage rod

  34. Patrick Harrison Moore says:

    175 employees

  35. Murray Schultz says:


  36. Mike Seiler says:

    Sage now has 175 employees

  37. Jon Gunnar Benjaminsson says:

    Sage has no grown to 175 proud employees!

  38. Jason Craig says:

    175 employees. :)

  39. lou chevrier says:

    150 employees

  40. Patrice Bujold says:

    175 employees

  41. Simon says:

    Started with 6 employees – now has 175

  42. Kevin App says:

    175 current employees

  43. lou chevrier says:

    150 great employees making great products.

  44. Yusuf Coovadia says:

    175 employees

  45. Anthony says:

    177 employees!?

  46. Toni Fernstrom says:

    175 employees.
    Was on Bainbridge Island WA for the first time Sunday two weeks ago. Would have liked to do the factory tour… Next time maybe?

  47. Fredy says:

    175 employees

  48. George says:

    One Hundred Seventy Five!

  49. Brendan Maier says:

    How many people does it take to make the best fly rods in the world? Apparently 175 :) Thanks to all of you from Bend, OR!

  50. Steve baker says:


  51. Harold says:

    175 employees

  52. Pete Weitz says:


  53. Eli Garlick says:


  54. Mike Boock says:

    175 Strong!

  55. Fredrik says:

    A proud owner of a new Xi3 take a wild guess on 175 empl.

  56. Nicky Brown says:

    175 employees

  57. Ken Wilson says:

    175 I believe!

  58. Mitchell Kaliner says:


  59. Hans Christian Hansen says:

    175 employees.
    But hopefully many more to follow :0)
    Christmas greetings from snowy Denmark

  60. Jesse says:

    Currently 175 employees working hard to keep us all very happy!

  61. William Kosmer says:

    175 strong!

  62. Ryan Bergeron says:


  63. Tom Smith says:


  64. Steven P. Griffin says:

    175 employees. Great going keep up the good work.
    I love your rods and everything else you sell including your apparel. The swag would be great for me.

  65. KNut Olav Olsen M says:

    175 great employees. Delivering the best fly rods and reels

  66. Zach Brown says:


  67. Chris Hagen says:

    Sage has 175 employees

  68. Robert Yeatman says:

    175 employees, making my pursuit of Idaho/Montana trout possible with the best fly rods made;)

  69. Chris says:

    175. I wish I was one of them!!!

  70. Shane Carley says:


  71. Trevor Hayman says:

    175 employees! Well done! Great story!

  72. Mike Bush says:

    175 staff

  73. Mark says:

    175 lucky employees

  74. Trevor Hayman says:

    175 employees. An excellent story! Well done!

  75. Lars G ANDERSEN says:

    175 lucky happy people..

  76. Julian Lucas says:

    I think it 175 yeah?

  77. Seth says:

    175 peeps

  78. Greg Mills says:

    Sage has 175 employees and it needs one more ME :)

  79. Davis Hock says:

    I’m gonna go with 175

  80. Jason Warner says:

    199 employees

  81. Arni Jonsson says:

    175 Wizards and geniuses of the finest art there is.

  82. Eduardo Arceo says:


  83. Wes says:

    175 strong in a 30,000 sqft space.

  84. Domenic Cutulle says:

    The answer would be 175.

  85. Lori Latta says:

    175 employees who must have the coolest jobs in the world working for Sage!

  86. Duncan Pepper says:

    That would be 175 employees.
    Doing a great job at keeping on top of a very competitive market.
    I’m enjoying spreading the word of how good Sage is here in the UK.

  87. Andy upwards says:

    175 employees

  88. Jeff Turner says:


  89. Brad Collicutt says:


  90. Jason Kelly says:

    Sage has 175 employees

  91. Mike Evans says:


  92. Riccardo Vaccaro says:

    Hey guys, the answer is 175.

  93. Derek Fraser says:

    175 employees

  94. Andrew Uren says:

    Sage has 175 employees and I want to be one

  95. Miguel R. Figueroa says:

    175 employee’s

  96. Matt jones says:

    sage has grown to have 175 employees

  97. judson crossland says:


  98. Kevin Archer says:


  99. Robert Gabriel says:

    currently 175

  100. judson crossland says:

    opps 175 , making that awesome ONE rod… :-)

  101. Conor Giorgi says:

    Not enough! Let me know if you’re looking for an aquatic ecologist.

  102. raffael schefer says:

    175 employees….

  103. Dane Thompson says:

    175 employees

  104. Gabriel Linville says:


  105. Mr Green says:

    175 …..tight lines!

  106. Eduardo Arceo says:

    Awaiting moderation? I’m the proud owne of 5 Sage fly rods. What else do I have to do?

  107. john madsen says:

    175 sage is the best

  108. Nick Maupin says:

    today you have grown to have 175 employees

  109. Daniel Byrne says:


  110. Colin says:

    one hundred and seventy five employees strong

  111. derek brown says:

    175 employed aat sage

  112. Colin says:

    one hundred and seventy five employees strong!

  113. Adam thygerson says:


  114. Chuck Hopkins says:

    175 strong

  115. Chuck Hopkins says:

    175 hard workers

  116. Michael Campbell says:


  117. Brian McGlashan says:

    Sage has 175 employees!!!

  118. Simon says:

    175 employees !
    -fish on!

  119. Jeff Mason says:

    Looks like 175 employees to me .

  120. Kent Korgaard Hansen says:


  121. Justin says:


  122. Byron Putnam says:

    Sage now has 175 employees.

  123. Casey Gallagher says:

    175 Employees

  124. Rich Woolfson says:

    175 employees

  125. Scott Postlewait says:

    175 employees!

  126. Shane Milburn says:

    175 employees working in a very cramped environment something like 30,000 square foot of space. Geez, that’s pretty close quarters. 😉

  127. Michael Drew says:

    175 employees

  128. François Nadeau says:

    175 from what I read on the website 😀 Sage is by far my favorite rod company, thanks guys! Good luck everyone.

  129. Sam Leuthold says:


  130. Larry says:

    Today it has grown to 175 employees! Thank you all for the great products, keep it up!

  131. Jay Lang says:

    75, My boat would look great with those Sage decals

  132. Tommy Ward says:

    202 employees

  133. Michael Bridgewater says:

    175 Love Sage

  134. Ryan Toney says:

    175 + 1… Me as I am always out “selling” the features of my Sage rods… Unpaid associate but one none the less…


  135. Jamie Denholm says:

    175 of the luckiest people currently work as Sage employees

  136. Bob Priestly says:


  137. Jack Warmolts says:

    175, hopefully ill make 176 someday.

  138. Ross Italiano says:

    175 of the lucky ones!!!

  139. Matthew Dundas says:


  140. Ben Kearney says:


  141. Jon Hulcher says:

    175 employees :-)

  142. Ivor O'Connor says:


  143. Chuck Lane says:

    175 and a partridge in a pear tree

  144. Pat says:

    175 and counting

  145. john says:

    175 employees

  146. Rick Fisher says:

    175 employees

  147. Luc Beaudin says:


  148. David Henry says:

    175 employees

  149. Jeff Thompson says:

    175 employees.

  150. Scott Parks says:


  151. Scott Parks says:

    175 as stated on your Our Story page.

  152. Pat Nelms says:

    They now employ 175 people.

  153. John says:

    I guess I have to go with 175

  154. Jon Fillingham says:


  155. Frank Dalziel says:

    175 employees. Pretty amazing considering the number of rods you produce!

    All the best, Frank

  156. Mark Prior says:


  157. Ed Smith says:

    175 employees strong!

  158. Patrick says:

    175 seems to be popular….but if this is “the price is right” then i choose 176…

  159. Kevin Hill says:

    175…way to go Sage!

  160. Jeff Picard says:

    175 and going strong!

  161. joshua christiansen says:

    175 employees best fly rods ever!!!

  162. Ed Smith says:

    175 of the world’s best steelhead fly rod makers!

  163. Jason Merenda says:

    175 employees strong.

  164. randy pepin says:

    175 and going strong….fish on!!

  165. kervin says:

    Sage has currently 175 employees.

  166. Randy Pepin says:

    175 and going strong… on!!

  167. Bryan L. says:

    I believe Sage has grown to a strong 175 employees.

  168. Ivan says:

    175 employees excellent team…

  169. Drew Dostal says:

    175 I reckon

  170. mike greenhill says:

    175 making the best product one can own!
    thanks guys!

  171. Trip says:

    175 people. Luv yur stuff!!!

  172. Ben Hohnke says:

    175 Employees

  173. Dave Conca says:


  174. Dan Van Buskirk says:

    175 employees!

  175. Tim Vedder says:


    The 1/3 of an employee sells Sage flavored hot dogs at lunch that are cooked on the South Fork of the Snake River bank each day and flown to the Sage Factory to motivate the Rod Builders to keep making trout slaying rods that us SE Idaho guys love to fish. He’s only 1/3 of a guy, because he spends most of the day ripping lips on the company dime :)

  176. Brian Furderer says:

    one hundred and seventy five

  177. Markku Mustonen says:


  178. Joe Power says:

    175 lucky employees! Keep up the great work and pride in your product.

  179. HarriH says:

    175. Pala kakkua…

  180. Henrik Lomholt says:

    That will be 175 dedicated employees

  181. Jonathon Dutton says:

    175 Employees. AWESOME

  182. Jason Mullins says:

    175 and growing!

  183. Auke de Ruiter says:

    That would be 175, I guess 😉

  184. joshua mckinney says:

    175 employees strong.

  185. Jari Liukko says:


  186. Mark H says:

    175 maybe?

  187. Michael Yelton says:

    175 of the fishiest folks you’ll ever meet!

  188. Jason Lieverst says:

    175 employees


  189. Mark Deitz says:

    175 craftsmen who have built my 12 SAGE rods

  190. Jeff Thorp says:

    According to your website, it is 175 employees.

  191. Bob Salerno says:


  192. Brian Woodward says:

    I guess at Sage it’s 175. Far Bank Ent. is 201-500.

  193. Derron Fricke says:

    175 according to your web page.

  194. Nic Smith says:

    175 Fine Workers

  195. Dario from Italy says:

    You’re now 175 employes!

  196. Dan Mikalian says:

    175 employees! started off with 6- now that’s growth.

  197. Michael Morris says:

    175 employees located right here in the great state of WA

  198. Dave Beros says:

    175 fantastic employee;s

  199. Dave Beros says:


  200. Justin says:

    175, and 450 sage reps.

  201. Anthony Camuti says:

    175 fishermen!

  202. allen elliott says:


  203. Serengeti Savage says:

    One Hundred

  204. Trisha Campbell says:

    175 are in the Sage employee family! Great Job!!!

  205. Jeffrey Gihring says:


  206. Claus Christensen says:

    Today we employ all 175 employees right here on Bainbridge Island, WA!

  207. Zeb says:

    Patagonia, Chile

  208. Casey Scott says:

    175 Employees

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