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Shad Cover

SOUTHERNMOST SHAD By Jon B. Cave Each year, one of the most prolific yet little known runs of anadramous fish occurs during the winter months in east-central Florida as American shad migrate from the sea to spawn near the headwaters … Continue reading

Claremont Isles

Claremont Isles

Spectacular multi-species fly fishing in the Claremont Isles in northeast Australia. Renowned fly fisher and Sage Ambassador Peter Morse is featured this must see fly fishing documentary about a never before filmed area of isolated islands, sand cays, reef flats, … Continue reading

Northern Exposure

Russ BC Buck

Northern Exposure by Russ Miller Sage Pro Manager I am not sure what it is when you cross over the border from the U.S. into Canada. There is a weight that is lifted, perhaps it’s the knowledge that your phone … Continue reading

A Different Take on a Little Rod

Sage 370-4 Response

A Different Take on a Little Rod Joe Mahler Hidden within the SAGE line-up is a gem. The Response 370-4 is a seven-foot three-weight rod that is a true workhorse – ok, a pony. I realize that it is not … Continue reading