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The Thing About Fly Fishing – by Mark Raisler

The Thing about Fly Fishing is…is that it is for everyone. If you ask 100 fly fisherman why they fish you may get 100 different answers. But I would speculate that many of the answers would include fellowship, friendship, enjoying … Continue reading

Harry’s First Tarpon – By Barry Beck

Harry Schoel is the real deal, he lives and breaths fly fishing. If it has fins and swims Harry wants to catch it, forget how big or small or if it jumps, takes a dry fly, or eats a San … Continue reading

Tierra Del Fuego


Sea-run brown trout at the finish line By Geoff Mueller I’m stuffing waders and boots into bags on a Tuesday night in early April, when Jason Jagger blows up my phone with the news. Jagger, who spends his January through … Continue reading


AK Cover

LACUSTRINE RAINBOW TROUT By Scott O’Donnell Several of our nation’s largest bodies of freshwater reside in Bristol Bay’s trophy trout region. These lakes are nature’s rearing pens for millions of native sockeye salmon juveniles. Adult sockeye spawn in the tributaries … Continue reading

Wild East of Kamchatka

Wild East Kamchatka

Chasing Rainbows in the Wild, Wild East of Kamchatka By Michael Hamilton Ever hook a rainbow so big, so bad ass, that the hairs went up on the back of your neck as the line went tight and your reel … Continue reading

Exploring New Zealand’s Backcountry

Karamea River

Exploring New Zealand’s Backcountry By Ted Chase When one conjures up images about fly-fishing in New Zealand, it’s perfectly fitting to imagine a grand adventure set deep in the rugged wilderness of South Island. I had been dreaming about returning … Continue reading