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The New Toy – by Matt Parker

Taking a peak at the New 2016 Sage lineup during an early spring visit from my Sage rep, there was one item that garnered my full attention. As an owner of several Sage ONE single handed-rods, which fit my casting … Continue reading

Where the Bonefish are as Big as Your Leg – by Richard Post

“Where are you right now?” I’m standing in the parking lot of a beach park, there’s a homeless dude washing his ass sans shame in the shower and there’s an older couple sitting in their car with two yappy dogs … Continue reading

What it Takes – by Peter Morse

In a world that seems obsessed with specialization, versatility is an under rated skill. It’s been my approach to fishing for as long as I’ve swung a fly rod—to do what ever it takes to ‘get a bite’ regardless of … Continue reading

Legacy – by John Bruning

For me, the end of each year is a time for reflection and an opportunity to chart the course for a new year both personally and professionally. What worked…what didn’t…in what areas do I need to improve and how do … Continue reading

Spey and Switch for Stillwater Angling – by Matt Koles

Fly fishing with two handed fly rods at Pyramid Lake in Nevada is an advantage to the wade angler and that advantage is measured in increased casting distance. The striper guys on the East Coast have been using them for … Continue reading

Addiction Management on the Restigouche – by Topher Browne

I once asked a man wiser than I am if I should consider a career in fly fishing. He strongly advised against it, advocating a more standard course of advancement. “It’s all I think about,” I said. To which he … Continue reading