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Destination Spain – On the Water with Barry and Cathy Beck

Day One Ramon, our Salvelinus fishing guide, quietly slips into the water. He watches as numerous rise forms start to appear upstream of our position and motions for us to join him. Like Ramon we move slowly in our approach … Continue reading

Migration Time: The Fall Blitz at Cape Lookout – by Brian Horsley

Massive schools of baitfish collide at exactly the right time and place to create fly-fishing nirvana. Every year when August draws to a close I get twitchy. It’s as my wife and I are wrapping up our summer guiding season … Continue reading

Tricos on the Bighorn – by Barry and Cath Beck

A shotgun report echoes across Montana’s Bighorn river below Fort Smith telling all that the dove and grouse season is officially here, but for Cathy and I it’s the trico hatch and the rising trout in front of us that … Continue reading

Harry’s First Tarpon – By Barry Beck

Harry Schoel is the real deal, he lives and breaths fly fishing. If it has fins and swims Harry wants to catch it, forget how big or small or if it jumps, takes a dry fly, or eats a San … Continue reading

Double Medals in Bosnia and Lessons from Their Capture by Devin Olsen

I think most children who grow up watching the Olympics dream of hearing their national anthem played for them as they stand on the podium one day. I suppose I was no different as a child and I would watch … Continue reading


Shad Cover

SOUTHERNMOST SHAD By Jon B. Cave Each year, one of the most prolific yet little known runs of anadramous fish occurs during the winter months in east-central Florida as American shad migrate from the sea to spawn near the headwaters … Continue reading