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10 Essential Tips for Stillwater Success – by Brian Chan

I talk to a lot of river fly fishers who are interested in becoming more effective at fishing stillwaters. For many seasoned stream fishers even the smallest lakes seems like a black hole with minimal or no clues as to … Continue reading

Double Medals in Bosnia and Lessons from Their Capture by Devin Olsen

I think most children who grow up watching the Olympics dream of hearing their national anthem played for them as they stand on the podium one day. I suppose I was no different as a child and I would watch … Continue reading

Is it time for a Grip Switch?


Is it time for a Grip Switch? By Joe Mahler Sage Ambassador When the subject of grip comes up and I express that I prefer the Index on top, the response is usually something like, “I can see using that … Continue reading

Stillwater Tactics

Stillwater Cover2

Stillwater Tactics and Selecting the Right Rod By Brian Chan Like most other outdoor activities the equipment we use to go fly fishing is constantly being refined. This is well illustrated when you look at the diversity of fly rods … Continue reading



CAN I ADD A SCANDI TO MY SKAGIT? By Mark Raisler Sage Ambassador & Owner of Headhunters Fly Shop I am a novice Spey caster. Not only am I a novice caster, I am a novice in understanding and negotiating … Continue reading

Getting Pop into the Game – Part 2

Getting Pop into the Game

Getting Pop into the Game Here is part two of Sage ambassador Al Buhr’s guide to popping for Steelhead. Click here to see part one. Reading a rise can be telling in what to do next. Solid hook-ups are like … Continue reading