The Thing About Fly Fishing – by Mark Raisler

DSC_7384-copy-1024x575The Thing about Fly Fishing is…is that it is for everyone.

If you ask 100 fly fisherman why they fish you may get 100 different answers. But I would speculate that many of the answers would include fellowship, friendship, enjoying the outdoors, and escape from our very real everyday lives. Continue reading

Tricos on the Bighorn – by Barry and Cath Beck

THE BIGHORN FOR SAGE25518A shotgun report echoes across Montana’s Bighorn river below Fort Smith telling all that the dove and grouse season is officially here, but for Cathy and I it’s the trico hatch and the rising trout in front of us that has our attention. I say rising but this morning that’s an understatement, gulping or gorging would be a better description for the Bighorn River browns and rainbows. Continue reading

Animas River Mine Spill – Update



A Statement from John Flick, Co-owner of Duranglers Flies and Supplies in Durango, Colorado – photo taken this morning 8/17/15 at about 12pm MST.


So you probably have been hearing a lot about the Animas River on the news lately. This past week, we have seen images of an orange colored Animas plastered across every newspaper and nightly news network. The thing about those images is that they were images from almost a week ago. Currently, the Animas is flowing with its typical turquoise, late summer color. The river of orange lasted about a day and a half and has since passed on. Continue reading

Harry’s First Tarpon – By Barry Beck

Holbox 2015

Harry Schoel is the real deal, he lives and breaths fly fishing. If it has fins and swims Harry wants to catch it, forget how big or small or if it jumps, takes a dry fly, or eats a San Juan worm. Harry really doesn’t care, he is simply in love with fly fishing. It’s all okay. An electrical engineer by profession Harry works to fuel his passion and along with fly fishing, that passion also includes fly tying. Creator, inventor and more Harry’s flies are true works of art, one look in any of his many fly boxes and one comes away salivating. Continue reading

Double Medals in Bosnia and Lessons from Their Capture by Devin Olsen

Double Medals

I think most children who grow up watching the Olympics dream of hearing their national anthem played for them as they stand on the podium one day. I suppose I was no different as a child and I would watch with awe and envy as American athletes would receive their medals while the Star Spangled Banner was raised and played behind them. Continue reading

An Open Letter to Congress From Fly Fishing Industry Leaders


May 20, 2015

An open letter to Congress from fly fishing industry leaders:

As leaders of America’s top fly fishing companies, we write to express our support for the efforts of the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to restore protections for our nation’s headwater streams and wetlands under the Clean Water Act. Simply put, the proposed Waters of the United States rule is a good one, and it should be allowed to move through the federal rulemaking process without interference from Congress. Continue reading