Sage Build a Rod – Stage 5 Cello

Sage Factory
As a final preparation before curing the form we wrap the mandrel and graphite with a shrink film.  The film holds the graphite in position on the mandrel and provides pressure for a tight and dense material lamination. Continue reading

From the Field – South Island, NZ – Part 2

South Island of NZ Fly Fishing
The ordeal of canceled flights and lost luggage seems far behind us now and the days are going way too fast as they always do here in Kiwi Land. There are some big fish around but like always, they have college degrees and to say they’re tough is an understatement. I have always thought that skill trumps luck here, it’s almost always the first cast that wins, but that’s what makes it interesting. Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod – Stage 4 Rolling

Sage Build a Rod
Have you ever noticed a small piece of thread at the bottom female section of your rod? Every Sage rod that we have made and still make can be identified by the thread color combination. The MOD for instance uses a combination of red and purple thread. As seen above, we cut and place the colored thread onto the bottom of each section of the rod. Continue reading

From the Field – South Island, NZ – On the Water with the Beck’s


Field Report South Island, NZ The Everest of trout fishing

I close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the river and think about the last three horrible days. In a nut shell, our Frontiers group flight gets canceled in L.A. We check-in the next morning at the Virgin Australia counter for our flight to Brisbane only to find out that we have lost our seats and have been moved to the very back of the bus. No problem the smiling agent says you will get a refund. We don’t want a refund we want the seats that we paid for. Fourteen hours later in horrible seats we find ourselves in Brisbane, but now we have missed our connection to Christchurch on the South Island and are re-routed to Auckland on the North Island. Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod – Stage 3 Taking Shape

How a Sage Rod is built Sage Mandrels awaiting their graphite. The metal forms provide the shape and taper of the specific model and length of each fly rod. Constructed of steel these mandrels hold the history and future of all Sage rod tapers.   Continue reading

8 Tips for Line Managemnt in the Salt – by Sean Visintainer

Line Managment on a flats boat
It’s winter in the Inland Northwest. Cold, snowy days have us dreaming of warm tropical places like Belize, Mexico, Bahamas and beyond. For many, a saltwater destination can be a trip of a lifetime. So if having the best shot at catching that “fish-of-a-lifetime” on your “trip-of-a-lifetime” means a lot to you… well then you better make every shot count!  Continue reading