Pre-Runoff Windows // by Boots Allen

April Hookup
The early season!  That glorious “under-the-radar” months on my home river.  While so many fly fishers focus on tailwaters further south in Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico, the lucky few that know of this time on the Snake River in Wyoming understand how special it is.  Sure, the weather is variable, with cold rains or event snowstorms that dump a few inches on the valley floor not necessarily uncommon.  But the Snake offers dry fly action that rivals what we get in the more popular months of late summer and through autumn. Continue reading

On The Water Tour // Sandy River Report

Sandy River Spey Clave

Stop number two of the On The Water Tour landed the Vanagon at the 16th annual Sandy River Spey Clave, hosted by our good friends at The Fly Fishing Shop in Welches, Oregon.  Our Westfalia fit right in at this festival of claves, with camping on-site and enthusiastic camaraderie all around.  Mother Nature brought quite a varied showing of weather with scorching sun on Friday, shifting into an all too familiar chilled drizzle for the remainder of the weekend.  Weather aside, we came well equipped this year with every two handed rod we make on hand, rigged up, and ready to hit the water. Continue reading

On The Water Tour // The Missouri River



Craig Caddis Fest / May 20th-21st

The Missouri River needs no introduction. You go there to experience some of the best fishing in the West, it’s typically not for the nightlife. Although, with the Craig Caddis Fest happening on Saturday town will be as hopping as you have ever seen it. Everything ought to be in perfect shape to enjoy some great dry fly fishing. We are very excited to be able to take part in the festivities, serve up some killer BBQ, and share in some great fishing. Continue reading

On The Water Tour // Sandy River

The Sandy River Spey Clave / May 13th-15th


The Sandy River Spey Clave can be referred to as the Woodstock of claves. With camping on-site this is a spey festival that is worth attending. Between on the water presentations, hundreds of Sage spey rods on hand and lines to match to create perfect setups, and all of the top PNW spey anglers in one place, you have to look hard for excuses not to attend. We are stoked to be parking the van at this event to be a part of this unique culture and learning experience. Continue reading


Perf Casting Tips - The Stance
There are three basic fly-fishing stances:  square, open, and closed.  As a rather practical individual, I’m not an advocate for using any single stance in all situations and instead recommend that flyfishers learn to rely on all three positions from time to time because each can be used to advantage under different circumstances.  The following descriptions of the 3 basic stances also includes a few benefits to using them: Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod // Stage 7

Every Sage blank gets sanded to remove the ridges imprinted from the cello and baking processes.  Our precision machinery allows us to accurately remove the resin edge without touching the graphite.  Every part we sand has a particular setting on the machine, insuring precision every time. Continue reading