One Fine Day // by Doug McKnight

Gregson_Doug Permit_Sage_Blog-31
Once in a while we get treated to some really great fishing, something out of the ordinary.  Permit fishing typically involves not getting them, even when it is good.  Time on the water is always enjoyable whether the fish show up and do what they are supposed to or not, having the proper mindset for permit fishing is really important to ones enjoyment.  One of my favorite guides and friends told me years ago that mother nature has to give it to you at some point if you keep trying.  Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod // Stage 6


An operator is loading the  blanks to be baked in a Sage production oven.  We use proprietary epoxy resins and carbon fibers in our prepreg material, so it will meet our strict design and manufacturing requirements. Once rolled on the mandrels the prepreg is wrapped with shrink film to contain the epoxy resin, because it liquefies when it is brought up to temperature.   The blanks are baked at a specific temperature for a specific length of time to assure proper epoxy curing which results in superior mechanical properties. Continue reading

Mending- A Guides Perspective // by Matt Heron

Mending the Line

There is no question that being able to get your fly where you want it is of the upmost importance in fly fishing. The fly cast has long been revered as one of the purist art forms in all of fishing, and for good reason.  Being able to consistently place your fly into the target zone with a perfect cast has been praised in movies and on TV, written about more than any perfect golf swing, and helped instructors and guides pay their bills for as long as fly rods have been around. Well now what? Continue reading


Performance Casting Tips The Grip
A sound grip is the foundation of a good casting stroke. All of the most popular ways to hold a fly rod are some variation of the thumb-on-top (TOT), index-on-top (IOT), or V-grip (VG) styles. I strongly favor and highly recommend the TOT version because it offers distinct advantages over the other two. Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod – Stage 5 Cello

Sage Factory
As a final preparation before curing the form we wrap the mandrel and graphite with a shrink film.  The film holds the graphite in position on the mandrel and provides pressure for a tight and dense material lamination. Continue reading

From the Field – South Island, NZ – Part 2

South Island of NZ Fly Fishing
The ordeal of canceled flights and lost luggage seems far behind us now and the days are going way too fast as they always do here in Kiwi Land. There are some big fish around but like always, they have college degrees and to say they’re tough is an understatement. I have always thought that skill trumps luck here, it’s almost always the first cast that wins, but that’s what makes it interesting. Continue reading