Performance Fly Casting // Introduction

Perf Casting Tips introduction

Regardless of whether you’re in fresh- or salt-water, having the ability to instinctively make a skillful presentation under difficult circumstances is the single most important factor that leads to greater fly-fishing success and enjoyment. A proficient casting stroke should be easy and effortless so that rod, line, leader, and fly synergistically combine to form a highly efficient loop that will smoothly unroll at the intended target/location regardless of whether you’re making a short cast or one of over 100’. That level of performance demands a fundamentally sound technique that will also function as a foundation for all types of one-handed casts including overhead, sidearm, Belgian, curve, mend, roll, speed, and others. Continue reading

Where the Bonefish are as Big as Your Leg – by Richard Post

Hawiian Bonefish

“Where are you right now?” I’m standing in the parking lot of a beach park, there’s a homeless dude washing his ass sans shame in the shower and there’s an older couple sitting in their car with two yappy dogs watching the whole ordeal. “I’m not sure you’re at the right place, but the surroundings sound spot on. Did that homeless guy get out of an old white Dodge Ram?” Yes he did, no way, is this the spot? “Yeah man, that’s got to be the place, and the tides are perfect now, is it dead low? It sure was. I stood there at a beach park on Oahu with Captain Colin Huff on the phone as he tried to give me directions to a place I where I was already standing. The tide was dead low and would start to rise within the hour. Continue reading

What it Takes – by Peter Morse

In a world that seems obsessed with specialization, versatility is an under rated skill. It’s been my approach to fishing for as long as I’ve swung a fly rod—to do what ever it takes to ‘get a bite’ regardless of species and conditions. I’m no purist and to be versatile requires a certain mindset, the preparedness to alter your tackle and to deal with changes, to make things happen when specialization fails. It also requires the tackle to deal with this diversity. Continue reading

Six Steelhead Mantras to Swing By – Mike McCune

Mike McCune Steelhead Fly Fishing Tips

We recently caught up with our longtime friend and Sage Ambassador Mike McCune and talked about winter steelhead in hopes of mining out some basic theories on the fish, the casts, and what makes two handed casting unique and magical. Below you will find some of the gems from this talk. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did and hopefully you can hear Mike’s enthusiasm and infectious love of the sport come through in written word. Currently, Mike is spending time re-connecting with the rivers of his youth up in Northern California swinging a fly amongst the redwoods. Continue reading

Fly Tying Fun

Tying flies for one person can mean adding a level to their fly fishing passion. The joy they receive in creating, and fishing their own flies over a store bought one makes the experience that much more meaningful. They can prep for fishing trips and build even more anticipation. Continue reading

Legacy – by John Bruning

Big Thompson River

For me, the end of each year is a time for reflection and an opportunity to chart the course for a new year both personally and professionally. What worked…what didn’t…in what areas do I need to improve and how do I keep the saw “sharpened”. The older I get, leaving a positive legacy has become a centerpiece of these contemplation’s. As a mature (aging!) fly fishing guide, I have been able to positively influence some young fly fishers and guides over the years and watch them grow into amazing young men and women…and outstanding technicians of the sport. This is a valuable part of my legacy for this time and aspect of my life. Continue reading