Sage Build a Rod – Stage 3 Taking Shape

How a Sage Rod is built Sage Mandrels awaiting their graphite. The metal forms provide the shape and taper of the specific model and length of each fly rod. Constructed of steel these mandrels hold the history and future of all Sage rod tapers.   Continue reading

8 Tips for Line Managemnt in the Salt – by Sean Visintainer

Line Managment on a flats boat
It’s winter in the Inland Northwest. Cold, snowy days have us dreaming of warm tropical places like Belize, Mexico, Bahamas and beyond. For many, a saltwater destination can be a trip of a lifetime. So if having the best shot at catching that “fish-of-a-lifetime” on your “trip-of-a-lifetime” means a lot to you… well then you better make every shot count!  Continue reading

Pyramid Lake Perfect Set Up – Matt Koles

Perfect Rod for Fishing Pyramid
Pyramid Lake Nevada is home to some the big cutthroat trout, in it’s alkaline waters swim the Lahontan Cutthroat, the biggest cutthroat in the World.  Sixty pounders once swam in the lake; 41 pounds is the record Cutthroat caught in the 20’s and with the original Pilot Peak strain recently re-introduced into the lake, fish could near the size of their historic cousins. Twenty pounders are now fairly common on the fly and the sky could be the limit in coming years. Pyramid Lake is a unique place to spend time as it is very beautiful and enigmatic. If you have never been you’ll know what I’m referring to once you walk out on the beaches. Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod – Stage 2 Cutting the Forms

Sage Fly Rod Factory
Each technology platform combines unique blends of proprietary materials and they have a unique touch and feel when working with the raw graphite. These unique attributes define the Sage Technology platforms of; Konnetic, Generation 5 and GIIIe.  Based on what rod series we are making, proprietary materials are pulled together, combined into long sheets and transferred onto the pattern cutting table. Continue reading

Fly-Fishing from My Own Private Island – by Ted Chase


My life’s passion of throwing flies at fat trout on the “Big Mo” and several infamous rivers in Montana just wasn’t enough to quench my thirst for adventures for unknown worlds. While another cold winter was settling in it became very apparent that I needed a change. The day came when I set out to try my luck at casting for “ghosts“ in the crystal clear waters off the coast of Belize. Continue reading

Sage Build a Rod – The Birth of a Rod

Sage Manufacturing Process
All rods on the Sage factory floor start with a work order. Before any rod goes into production and is worthy of the Sage logo, we start with an action idea or a fishing scenario in mind to create a rod around. Pictured above is a sample request for a new rod. The MOD started this same way a couple of years back. After a long R&D process we finalized tapers, design, color, and components to create MOD series that is available today. This #sagebuildarod is the story of a 690-4 MOD and the steps it goes through before it arrives at one of our specialty retailers and eventually in your hands, on the water. Continue reading