Fly Tying Fun

Tying flies for one person can mean adding a level to their fly fishing passion. The joy they receive in creating, and fishing their own flies over a store bought one makes the experience that much more meaningful. They can prep for fishing trips and build even more anticipation. Continue reading

Legacy – by John Bruning

Big Thompson River

For me, the end of each year is a time for reflection and an opportunity to chart the course for a new year both personally and professionally. What worked…what didn’t…in what areas do I need to improve and how do I keep the saw “sharpened”. The older I get, leaving a positive legacy has become a centerpiece of these contemplation’s. As a mature (aging!) fly fishing guide, I have been able to positively influence some young fly fishers and guides over the years and watch them grow into amazing young men and women…and outstanding technicians of the sport. This is a valuable part of my legacy for this time and aspect of my life. Continue reading

Spey and Switch for Stillwater Angling – by Matt Koles

Pyramid Lake Spey Casting

Fly fishing with two handed fly rods at Pyramid Lake in Nevada is an advantage to the wade angler and that advantage is measured in increased casting distance. The striper guys on the East Coast have been using them for years, 2 handed casting, fly fishing in the surf, and slowly they are becoming more popular here in the high desert of Nevada. Switch and spey rods are great tools for the lake. Continue reading

Addiction Management on the Restigouche – by Topher Browne

Restigouche River Atlantic Salmon Story

I once asked a man wiser than I am if I should consider a career in fly fishing. He strongly advised against it, advocating a more standard course of advancement. “It’s all I think about,” I said. To which he replied, “Do it only if you can’t help yourself, but remember the opportunity cost.” I thought he meant that I would be getting a really good deal on graphite rods for a very long time, so I accepted a job working in a fly shop in Montana the next day. Continue reading

How to Fight and Land Big Fish – by Josh Hayes

Rainbow Trout Alley Alaska

You’ve paid your dues. Fished and mastered your home water and you’ve had great successes that now far out weigh your fly fishing disappointments. So you scratch together a 50% deposit, push “All In”, and book the trip. The one where 30 plus inch Trout, Twenty Pound Steelhead, or Thirty Pound Atlantic Salmon knowingly ply the boils and riffles of an already infamous drainage. Continue reading

Sipping Smallies – by Mike Exl

Smallmouth Bass Terristral
Everyone loves fishing a fly on the surface of the water. There is just something about a nice Rainbow coming up and slowly grabbing a fly or a bass coming up to smash a popper. That visual experience strikes deep in every fly angler. There is a great blending of these experiences with Smallmouth and fishing terrestrials. That’s right terrestrials are not just for trout. Continue reading