Sipping Smallies – by Mike Exl

Smallmouth Bass Terristral
Everyone loves fishing a fly on the surface of the water. There is just something about a nice Rainbow coming up and slowly grabbing a fly or a bass coming up to smash a popper. That visual experience strikes deep in every fly angler. There is a great blending of these experiences with Smallmouth and fishing terrestrials. That’s right terrestrials are not just for trout. Continue reading

Destination Spain – On the Water with Barry and Cathy Beck

Fly Fishing Spain

Day One

Ramon, our Salvelinus fishing guide, quietly slips into the water. He watches as numerous rise forms start to appear upstream of our position and motions for us to join him. Like Ramon we move slowly in our approach until he signals us to stop. “Ants”, he says and then he excitedly goes off about how big they are in his broken English. One quick look and we see what he sees, large black winged ants are covering the water and us. If these things could sting we would be in deep trouble. Continue reading

Love Them or Hate Them, Indicators Work – by Matt McCannel

On a drift
Love them or hate them indicators will improve your success when you need to control an exact depth when nymphing.  There has been an explosion of new styles and an amazing new array of colors, but which will work the best for you?  Continue reading

A Guides Tips on How to Safely Photograph Fish – by Nick Teynor

Taking photos of fish has been a tradition in our sport since a guy with a camera, saw a guy with a big fish, and wanted to document it. It is human to want to share our joyous occasions with each other, and to have tangible proof of our great catch. I am a sportsman, and when I catch a great fish, I love to share it with the rest of my friends. Continue reading

Migration Time: The Fall Blitz at Cape Lookout – by Brian Horsley

Sage Fly Fishing Harkers Island

Massive schools of baitfish collide at exactly the right time and place to create fly-fishing nirvana.

Every year when August draws to a close I get twitchy. It’s as my wife and I are wrapping up our summer guiding season at Oregon Inlet, NC, when an uneasy feeling sets in. Soon, our urge to migrate is too strong to ignore. Continue reading

10 Essential Tips for Stillwater Success – by Brian Chan

Heffley underwater-Spring

I talk to a lot of river fly fishers who are interested in becoming more effective at fishing stillwaters. For many seasoned stream fishers even the smallest lakes seems like a black hole with minimal or no clues as to where or how to fish it. Becoming a proficient fly fisher on these lakes means investing time to learn how these ecosystems function. Continue reading