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I like to fish light for carp and a #5 is as heavy as I’ll go. Because carp can teach us so much about fighting fish I also like to fish lighter tippets and 4X is as heavy as I’ll … Continue reading

Review: CIRCA, by Erin Block

Erin Block fly fishing for carp Sage CIRCA

As you all know, we love a good story about our products here at Sage. So when we stumbled across the blog Mysteries Internal, we knew Erin Block would have the charm and eloquence that would suit a review of … Continue reading

Benzene 101 and What Lies Beneath, By Will Rice

Will Rice for Sage fly fish

Here’s the second entry in a series about the situation down on the South Platte and Sand Creek written by Will Rice. Prior to this disaster, I’m not sure I knew what benzene was – or the fact that it … Continue reading