sage reel technology

Perfecting Performance
Cold-forged aluminum and exclusive USA carbon

Housing our ultra-powerful Sealed Carbon System (SCS) drags demands a rigid frame. We start with 6061 aerospace grade aluminum (the highest grade used in reel manufacturing), then cold forge and temper the aluminum for added strength and rigidity—in the process pre-shaping the frame. Our drags are made from proprietary, high-grade USA made carbon, the same materials used in the brakes of jets and Formula 1 racers because it efficiently dissipates extreme heat without wear. A marriage of strength and power.

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Sealed Carbon System (SCS)

Its silky-smooth inertia at start-up and consistent pressure protects tippets throughout battle, and the carbon drag itself is sealed to keep out water, sand, grit and salt. Plus, one size does not fit all; larger reels demand more carbon, so we tailor our drags to fit specific reel sizes. Now you’re never outmatched.

One Revolution Drag

Numbered settings, detents, and audible clicks help you take the guesswork out of setting preferred control levels, and each drag is hand-calibrated for precision and consistency. Plus, it’s easy to switch between tension levels used for stripping line and actual fighting pressure. It’s as easy as “Turn, strip. Turn, cast.” You’re ready.

The Three Pillars of Reels
You simply cannot build a reel designed to stop a 100-pound greyhounding tarpon without hands-on experience. Our reel designers bring their wealth of experience back to the lab where field knowledge is poured into every component of our reels. Everything we design in here is about ensuring you precision performance out there.
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Form follows function. Because our reel design team is the same highly skilled and experienced team that designs our rods based on their years of on-the-water experience, we know exactly what is demanded of a reel at all stages of the chase and battle. To us, flawless performance is merely a starting point.
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Performance demands quality, and that begins with the exceptional materials we use to build our reels. As we see it, that reel you’re holding is built to withstand a lifetime of use (or even abuse—hey, this is fishing!), and that doesn’t happen by taking shortcuts or using lesser materials.
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At Sage, we engineer our reels knowing that control during the battle is a result of three integral components: sure stopping power, ease-of-use when applying that power, and flawless dependability. You might have traveled halfway around the globe for this moment. Control in the catch is paramount.