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I just returned from fishing the Biloxi Marsh with Tony Weaver and Capt. Gjuro Bruer. This is one of my favorite fishing experiences. We stay at a relatively inexpensive hotel just off Burbon Street, and commute to Hopedale each morning.

When temperatures drop (usually in November) huge redfish move into the shallow Marsh bays searching for blue crabs and whatever else will fit in their mouths.

On this trip we were plagued by a cold front that first brought clouds and then 25k winds which muddied up the waters. Most of the instructions from the poling platform were along the line of : “2 o’clock, 10 feet”! The trick is to have the fish spot the fly before it sees the boat and most of our casts were under 30 feet.

I was very impressed with the way the “One” ten weight handled those short casts with a heavy fly.

We caught our share of reds with 4 in the 30lb range plus a big black drum. Gjuro doesn’t let us count anything under 20 lbs. It was tough fishing but a 30 lb redfish in 2 feet of water is really a rush.

…there are few bad days in the Biloxi Marsh

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