barry and cathy beck

barry and cathy beck

Benton, PA

Remember that life is short and for many of us, we’re here to fish. Fish hard.

We're located in the mountains of northeastern Pennsylvania, but we travel the world in pursuit of the best fly fishing and photographic opportunities we can find. We host travel through Frontiers International, the ultimate outdoor travel company specializing in world class destinations for fly fishermen. We travel with small groups of people who love these pursuits as much as we do. Along with Frontiers we've had a long-standing relationship with Sage dating back to the early 80's. Our role as Ambassadors has allowed us to travel, fish, loan and share the best fly fishing tackle made. We love the opportunity to promote Sage rods, reels, RIO fly lines and Redington gear. We are Hall of Fame members at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum and the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum.

home town

Benton, PA

home waters

Fishing Creek and locations around the world with our hosted trips with Frontiers International.

local fly shop

AA Outfitters in Blakeslee, PA

target species

All species both fresh & salt, warm & cold.

perfect setups

Any environment, warm or cold, fresh or salt, when the fish are eating flies.

career highlights

That we have been blessed to have a career and raise a family in the business of fly fishing.

conservation work

We are members of many conservation organizations, but we believe that most important project at the moment is the halting of Pebble Mine forever.

philosophy on fly fishing

It’s a sport that ages with you. One that you never have to out grow. It keeps giving back. It’s challenging and rewarding and it help provide you with a positive outlook on life.

One Tip to Improve One’s Fishing

Fish more!

perfect day

Any day on the water.

a good fishing story

Occasionally we have an angler sign up for a trip who needs a partner so he can share the guide and room. This saves him money and sometimes we can pair him up with another guest who desires the same thing. We had a retired steel mill worker in his 60s and a smoker, Jake. We also had a retired prison Chaplin in his 60s who also smoked, John, so we thought they would make good partners.

About midnight the first night at Boca Paila Lodge in Mexico, one of our regular guests came to our room and said, “Hey, you have a problem.” When we asked what it was, he said “Jake is down on the beach and he's not happy.” Barry followed the glow of a cigarette down to the beach and sure enough there was Jake. “What's up, Jake?” Barry asked. “That man you put me with snores and I can't sleep,” Jake quipped. After offering Jake ear plugs, which he defiantly refused, he insisted on having his own room. Barry tried to talk him into waiting until morning but he wouldn't hear of it. So Barry had to wake up the lodge owner, Ricky, to see if he had a solution. Ricky offered his brother, Tony's, villa on the property, so Barry goes back to get Jake and now he insists on moving all his stuff too. Barry reminded Jake that his partner was a retired Chaplin and that his stuff would be safe, but he insisted. After a half hour Barry got Jake and his belongings settled into the villa and came back to our room. Two hours later there was a knock at our door. Barry gets up and opens the door and there is John in his underwear and he says, “Hey, that guy you put me with is gone and so is all his stuff.” Barry said, “Go back to sleep, John. I'll explain everything in the morning!”