gray struznik

gray struznik

Forks, WA

Fly Fishing isn't just about catching fish it’s about the whole experience.

I learned to fish at a very young age living in Forks, WA my dad guided in the area and also in Bristol bay Alaska, so as you can imagine I got drug all over the place fishing. Since then I’ve guided in Alaska for the past 13 years and the last two of those years I’ve been managing a private fish camp for Lakeside Industries based out of Issaquah, WA. In 2011 I started my own guide service in my home town of Forks, WA fishing for winter steelhead.


Forks, WA


The legendary Rivers of the OP. The Hoh, Calawha, Bogchiel and Solduc rivers to be exact.


Waters West in Port Angeles, WA

target species

Steelhead, Salmon, Trout

perfect setup

It would be the Sage X 8130 with the Evoke 10 spooled up with the RIO 550gr Skagit iFlight. For the cold water temps we experience on the OP it slows the swing and gives the fish the best chance to lock into the fly.

career highlights

Starting my own business and getting a manager position at a private fishing camp.

conservation work

I’m a member of the Olympic Peninsula Guide Association where we do a lot of work to keep our local OP rivers healthy and work to ensure that we have the best management of this epic resource. I also donate trips to Washington Steelhead Coalition and to The Steelhead Society of British Columbia every year to help support these great organizations.

philosophy on fly fishing

Fly Fishing isn't just about catching fish. It's about the whole experience and process, everything you do and see on the water will make you a better angler if you give it the chance.

one tip to improve one's fishing

Learn your water!

perfect day

Winter Steelheading on the lower river with and incoming tide.

a good fishing story

I had a first-time Spey caster with me but he was one of those guys that picked up casting really fast. It was a really busy day on the water, at least ten boats went by us. We kept fishing, with some positive reinforcement that the amount of boats doesn’t matter, just stay consistent. Towards the evening, we made it to our last run of the day and I noticed two fish roll up through the tail out. Still with no love from the fish and racing darkness, we decided to change flies, jump back into the center of the run and that's when it happened. He hooked up and the battle was on. We landed this fish a hundred yards or so downstream. With a quick measurement and picture, the fish was released to swim another day. The fish measured 39" x 20" and that moment made my whole season not just for the size of the fish but from the reaction of the angler and the realization of what had just happened him.