mark raisler

mark raisler

Craig, Montana

Learning and Mentorship are primary objectives in my fly fishing life. The most important role any of us can play is furthering education of fly fishing.

From partially educated college student to 13 year ski bum full time PSIA Instructor to life long fly fishing bum. I have tied commercial flies, taught fly casting as a FFF Certified Instructor, been guiding for 17 years, a Montana Licensed Outfitter for 12 years, and a fly shop co-owner going on my 9th year. Really have enjoyed causing my lifestyle dreams and having success in the business. More to come. I look forward to the next 25 years!

home town

Mount Vernon, WA

home waters

Raised on the Skagit River, but more interested in waterfowling and skiing as a kid. Enjoyed trolling a fly behind the boat with a lead core line and eating beef jerky.

current town

Craig, MT

current waters

Missouri River, Blackfoot River, Dearborn Rive

Local Shop

Headhunters Fly Shop & Guide Service

target species

Rainbow, Brown Trout

Perfect Setup

Sage X 590, Sage CLICK 4/5/6, RIO InTouch GOLD. Finishing this dry fly outfit off with a RIO 12’ Powerflex Plus Leader and long Powerflex Plus Tippet.


Founding Board Member Upper Missouri River Watershed Alliance. Fishing Outfitter Association of Montana Board Member. Resource Stewardship of the resource is paramount. I believe on of the biggest impacts we can make on a daily basis is litter control. Just simply, leading by example, picking up the garbage on and near your local resource goes a long way.

conservation work

Trying to get our voting public to recognize that sportsmen are not always conservationists. That is the recent goal. Why would you look the other way while our government is trying to encourage public resource destruction, mining, loosening of local, state, and national rules regarding the environment? Trying to change the understanding that your vote counts. Trying to get the government to also become conservationists. That is my conservation role currently.

Philosophy on Fly Fishing

Learning and Mentorship are primary objectives in my fly fishing life. The most important role any of us can play is furthering education of fly fishing. Sharing information with others is the best way to perpetuate this wonderful outdoor sport. The Mentorship of fly fishing youth is a task that all of us in the industry are charged with. Staying true to both of those concepts is vital to the continuation of the fly fishing lifestyle.

It’s also important to go fish by yourself. An amazing thing happens when you are standing alone knee deep in moving stream. Life is happening around you. Breathing it all in. Taking it all and letting that heal whatever may be ailing you!

One Tip to Improve One’s Fishing

Clean your fly line daily. The fly line is the tool that delivers the fly to the target. Fly line health is imperative. You want to make that Sage X sing? Clean your fly line!

Perfect Day

I love hunting up those difficult PMD spinner sipping trout. A daybreak early morning float enjoying the camaraderie amongst long time angling friends. Setting up for a few challenges including a couple impossible casting and drifting situations. Successes and failures are both important parts of my perfect day.

A few Mark Raisler Quotes

"Throw it right into their mouth!"

"You gotta go to know."

"Don’t hope it, know it."

"The thing about dry fly fishing is that you can see everything. You don’t have to guess. There is no guessing in dry fly fishing!"

"Don’t bring your teenagers or young children here if you want them to be doctors or attorneys. Once they get a whiff of the trout fishing here on the Missouri River it’s Game Over!"