mike mccune

mike mccune


Don’t be a spray caster, be a spey caster.

I was extremely fortunate to start the 2 handed game before it was termed the “PNW revolution”, and as fate would have it we all gravitated towards one another because of our singular passion. We were so captivated and riveted that a lot of great ideas were spawned out of that passion. You know it wasn’t “hey let’s do this”, it was “let’s TRY this”. Perhaps it would be a step in the right direction, but maybe we need to take 3 steps to the right and try THIS and on and on and on. It was a long road to tow, but it was one of the most enjoyable journeys that anybody could have as an angler and they still are some of the most memorable days of my life. It was heady and it was absolutely magic. There are new territories and new horizons to be explored with a two hander and while perhaps it’s not as close knit a group as it was, there are a lot of individuals trying to do the same thing in different parts of the country in new fisheries. There is still a lot of magic to be discovered out there.

home waters

Grande Ronde and any good swing run.


Anything that will eat a swung fly.

perfect day

In my mind fishing is a recreational activity and recreation, by definition to me anyway, should be fun and relaxing. It should not be hard work casting. The spey cast is relaxing and enjoyable in itself. When you are in a lazy piece of water swinging a fly the spey rods give you a time to look around and enjoy that cool bird on the shore or the family of otters that are crawdadding on the far bank. No one is adding up your score at the end of your day. Immerse yourself in it and take the chance to participate in your environment.

perfect setup

ONE Trout Spey 3110-4, 4260 Reel, 200gr Trout Max