russell miller

russell miller

Golden, CO

It’s not just about the fish. I pick up a fly rod for the experience and what it means to go through the world with the lens of a fly fisherman. Also, you find the fish you are fishing for.

Committed to a life of adventure with a fly rod in hand. When I became obsessed with fishing from a young age, I had no idea where it would take me and who I would meet along the way. After spending 16 years working in the industry split between guiding, working as a fly shop junkie, and then moving to Seattle to join the Sage and RIO team, I consider myself to have a lucky life. Currently I work for Fishpond in Denver, which keeps me following my passion for fly fishing and chasing stories and capturing adventures. My two year old boy has brought be back to my beginnings of fishing as we enjoy the outdoors catching fish and throwing rocks in the river.


Golden, CO


Front Range of Colorado and way beyond.


I make it a point to visit as many shops as I can both locally and across the country. Each shop is so unique and each one has something different to offer and knowledge to share.


Trout and Steelhead


Yin and Yang – I really like to carry two rods with me when I go out fishing many of our larger Colorado Rivers. I will fish the first 10 feet of bank with my ESN and cover the rest of the river with a Trout Spey rod. Since fishing is not just about catching fish I can have two very different experiences in one day and really cover water.

ESN 3100 – Spectrum LT 5/6 – Euro Nymph line – hand tied leader, with a couple of hand tied flies on that. This setup allows me to fish nymphs, streamers, dries, all with one rod.

ONE Trout Spey 3110 paired with a classic Sage 509 reel loaded with a 225gr Skagit Short and some pretty spey style trout flies.


I am most proud of the fact that I am still happily married and supported by my wife and son after all the time away on the water! Without that support, there is no way I would still be chasing dreams. This support has allowed me to represent the US at four World Fly Fishing Championships, two of which our team brought home some hardware! I am also very proud of my time working on the road with the Sage On the Water Tour.


Grassroots awareness of what human impact has done to our opportunity as anglers. The beautiful thing about fly fishing is that you work towards understating an eco system. Learning the bugs, the behavior of a fish, the seasons of a river, and how that all ties together. Once you realize that, your eyes are open to just how fragile these ecosystems are and the infinite number of threats that humans have put on our finned companions. We can all do something to make a positive change on a daily basis. Think about the food you buy, the chemicals you use, the companies you support, it all matters.

One Tip to Improve One’s Fishing

Learn to cast a fly rod. You will never regret the time you put into the enjoyment of casting. It is the one part of your time on the water that you have complete control over. Put your fly where it counts.


The Skagit River in March and April. Hopefully one day we can see these steelhead returning in numbers that warrant opening this river once again. It would be like going back in time.


Those are best told face to face! Hit me up and we can share stories as we head out to the water.