Atlantic Salmon Fly International 2018

By Lisa Weiner

In June 2018, fly fishermen and Atlantic salmon fly tiers from all over the world experienced the third edition of the Atlantic Salmon Fly International (ASFI), a gathering that is like no other. The first two ASFI events were held in Seattle, Washington, USA in 2014 and 2016. ASFI 2018 was held in the beautiful capital of Atlantic salmon country, the City of Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada. Hosted by the Dieppe Fly Tying Club in partnership with Economic Development & Tourism Miramichi, the 2018 event continued the celebration of the passion and art of the Atlantic salmon fly.

While the internet continues to enhance information sharing, and there are local and regional fly tying groups like the Dieppe Fly Tying Club, ASFI’s aim is to cast a global net on Atlantic salmon fly tiers to not only learn and improve their tying skills, but, most important, continue to renew and grow relationships. In order to maximize this opportunity, the ASFI organizing committee has assembled a list of 80 internationally renowned Atlantic salmon fly tiers and hook makers to demonstrate their skills for the Atlantic salmon fishing and tying communities, and currently no less than 18 countries will be represented, from Japan to Lithuania.

The best Atlantic salmon fly tiers were there - creating flies from beautiful hair wings to the most complex, gaudiest Victorian feather wings - each demonstrating their skills and sharing their knowledge on tying and fishing these storied patterns. Sage Elite Pro Lisa Weiner was one such tier. The following images were taken by her during the event.

To learn more about ASFI, click here to visit their website.

A shot of the Miramichi Curling Club before everyone arrived, where ASFI was held. There was a flag for each tier. Each person was represented by a flag that had one of their flies. along with their name and their country's flag. It was breathtaking to walk in and see flags from all over the world.

A "Moonlight" and an "Aykroyd". Dee flies tied by Lisa Weiner

Lisa Weiner and Peggy Brenner tying.

"Durham Ranger" tied by Lisa at ASFI.

A picture of the Miramichi River, upstream from the Upper Oxbow lodge. We had a wonderful picnic there on Friday night.

about lisa weiner

Lisa Weiner is a Sage Elite Pro who lives in Connecticut.  She is a licensed CT guide and partner at Spey Casting Northeast, teaching two-handed casting on the Farmington and Housatonic Rivers.  For more information about Lisa and learn about her casting instruction, visit her website.