If you’re like most of us who work around here, viewing images of tropical locations, turquoise-blue flats, and fish that you know make reels sing and forearms burn is just the ticket to make any day, a better day. So, take the time to dream a little bit while Pat Ford takes us on a journey to Bimini, Florida. (click on the images to make them bigger and daydream worthy)

Lately people have asked about my favorite location to catch bonefish and permit. It takes a bit of thinking, but if I had to pick just one spot it would be Bimini.

There are two excellent guides that operate out of the Bimini Big Game Club – Fred Rolle and Tommy Sewell. The entire collection of islands is surrounded by flats and some of the most productive are only minutes from the dock.

What I like the most is that the average bonefish is over 4 pounds and you’ll get multiple shots at double digit fish every day

There are a few massive schools of bones off South Bimini, but for the most part you’ll be targeting singles, pairs, or small schools and the action is continuous.

They’re not easy to catch, but they didn’t get big by being stupid

When the tide is high, you’ll also get shots at permit following rays – and they’ll be feeding which is a very good thing

Flights run daily from Ft. Lauderdale to Bimini, but you’re a world away once you hit the water.

About the author, Pat Ford: Pat grew up in the New York-New Jersey area, fishing for most anything he could find. After earning a journalism degree a Notre Dame, he wrote his first article for Salt Water Sportsman magazine in 1969 and has continued to provide stories and photos to literally every sport fishing publication ever since. Pat has held over a dozen IGFA world records and for the last decade he has been the chairman of the Golden Fly Invitational Tarpon Tournament which is held annually in Islamorada, FL. He is a Founding Member of the Bonefish Tarpon Trust and on the Board of trustees of the American Fly Fishing Muesum in Vermont. He is a Contributing Editor to Fly Fishing in Salt Water and author of THE BEST FLY FISHING TRIPS MONEY CAN BUY and FLY FISHING DAY DREAMS. His photography is displayed in Andy Mill’s A PASSION FOR TARPON. Check out his website: