If you have not yet seen the Streamers Inc video that came out a few years ago, it’s at the bottom of this email and watch it before you continue reading. Ever since seeing that video and being a streamer junkie I have wanted to get my hands on some of the product that the black market streamer pusher better known as 7wt is known for. The Sage On The Water Tour brought me into the quite town of Craig a day early before the big Caddis Festival. I knew this would be my shot to discover who 7wt is and get some product.

The stage was set, the wind was up, the rain was falling, dark clouds above, you can’t ask for better conditions to find fish on the streamer. I stopped by the local shops in Craig to talk to the shop guys and ask around a bit. I did my best to talk up my streamer game saying I like a SALT 790 as my favorite rod and how I was going to go out and seek a few on streamers that evening in the mid canyon. A unique streamer rod choice might buy me some much needed street cred in downtown Craig. I walk out of the shops with no more information on 7wt than when I rolled into town. I figured in a small town full of junkies that it would be easy to get my hands on some of 7wts product. Now my only hope is that all of these questions might find their way to 7wt…”someone from Sage has been asking.” That night we had some great fishing and the streamer bite was on! I cringe to think just how much better we would have done that night with some legit street flies.

The next day as Caddis Fest ramped up all the guides packed in from around the region as well as many of the locals from Helena and Great Falls. The smoke from the BBQ pits filled the street and if there were back alley deals going down, this is the place. Everyone was getting happy and loose from hot BBQ and freely flowing beer. I continued to press my agenda and asked around for some of that flashy good stuff. I got mostly answers like, I get my streamers at the shop, or I tie my own, but I just didn’t believe it. At one point I caught a glimpse of a likely pusher only to see two dudes disappear with him behind the shop. Activity.

That afternoon, I ended up getting lost in BBQ and talking fishing with the many great anglers and folks who stopped by the Sage booth at the Caddis Fest. We had a great time casting rods, talking gear and fly fishing, serving up TriTip with mac and cheese, putting a few back, and just living the fly fishing dream in downtown Craig. That night we crashed hard in the Sage Van by the river and when I woke up, there was a lone flashy streamer in a baggy stuck under the wiper. While I didn’t meet 7wt, I got to sample the goods. First one is free right? Now I know what they mean by Not Even Once…

All things aside, this is an unbelievable event where everyone comes out to celebrate the Missouri River, kick off the beginning of the busy season, and just cut loose and have a great time. A big thanks to everyone who made this a memorable trip and specifically Mark Raisler, who managed to live through another Caddis Fest.

We are at Silver Creek this weekend. Stay tuned.

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