by Jared Carrier.

Daily, we get some pretty great letters and emails from our customers. Many of them we share with Sage employees, posting to bulletin boards or through email. This is one of the emails that we shared without hesitation. It certainly caught our eye. Could you imagine casting your Sage rod at -80 just to pass the time? We think it might make for some interesting product testing. ~ Team Sage

This winter at the South Pole we have had -100 days and 6 months of darkness, which leads to severe cases of cabin fever. Being here in the winter means we are stuck with no planes coming in from February to the end of October.

I have been working in Antarctica for about a year now and it has been a life changing experience with many challenges. You really have to be creative with finding things to do to pass the time here. I stumbled across a few sets of fly rods that I started casting in my spare time.

This really helped with my itch to want to be out on the water fishing. These pictures are of me out at the Pole trying to cast at -74. This didn’t work to well because after a while the line froze.

After leaving here I will be spending 3 weeks in the beautiful country of New Zealand trout fishing and unwinding from a long cold winter here at the Pole – and thawing out!

I hope everyone enjoys these pictures from the Pole