Elite Pro Profile: Nick Teynor

By Sage Fly Fish

A dedicated fish-bum, student, and teacher of all things fly-fishing, Nick comes from a self-educated background. He taught himself how to cast and fish from a young age through grit, determination, and countless hours on the lawn and water. He loves to share his knowledge with anyone interested in learning to become a better angler and caster. Nick embraces all aspects of fly-fishing: dries, nymphs, streamers. As long as there is potential for a fish to be on the end of his line, he will fish it. "Fly-fishing has so many fun and effective tactics. In this day and age, limiting yourself to one style of fishing really inhibits your ability to become a better angler. The best fishermen out there are the ones who can adapt to any situation, so it pays to be that guy/gal willing to learn new things. Let's face it, the fish aren't getting any dumber, and learning a new tactic that will benefit you is ALWAYS worth doing!" His interest in teaching motivated him to become a Certified Fly-Casting Instructor via Fly Fishers International, and the "head-master" of Western Rivers fishing classes and fly-casting clinics. He's an excellent teacher and student of the game in his own right. Any water with fish willing to eat a fly is good water for him, but he holds a very special spot in his heart for Montana's Westslope Cutties, and diva Rainbows of the Harriman Ranch.


Salt Lake City, UT

home waters

Wasatch Front/Uinta Streams, Provo River, Weber River, Green River, Southern Utah Streams.

local fly shop

Western Rivers Flyfisher. I have been working, teaching, and guiding there for the past twelve years.

target species

Lots of trout in Utah, but there are fun, seasonal warm-water opportunities for Carp, Bass, Pike, and Tiger Musky.

perfect setups

Rods: I use the 486-4 X for small and medium waters, the 597-4 X for the medium to large fisheries, and the 691-4 IGNITER for tossing big flies and chasing big fish.

Lines: I love the RIO WF Trout LT on the 486-4 X, the RIO Gold on the 597-4 X, and the RIO Perception on the 691-4 IGNITER.

Leaders/Tippet: Depends on the situation. I most often use the RIO Suppleflex and Powerflex Plus Leaders and Tippet for my fishing.

career highlights

I have been getting paid to do what I love for the past twelve years. That may not sound like a lofty career highlight, but in a field where job turnover is high, and the average shop staff/guide career is 3-5 seasons, I am so grateful that I have not lost my love for the work, and my passion for this great sport. Being a pro-staffer for both Sage and RIO is also a dream come true, and it is a privilege to be a part of both companies.

conservation work

I have participated in local river clean-ups, I always pack out what others leave behind, and I have been a member of the Utah Stream Access Coalition (USAC) for the past 8 years. USAC’s goal is to return public access to all our public waterways, and we are getting closer to this goal every year. For more information on the fight for your right to fish Utah's waters, go to their Facebook Site:

philosophy on fly fishing

Never stop learning, don’t rush, be thankful for any and every day you get out, and focus on the quality of the experience on the water. You’ll get so much more out of your fishing than just the tangible results.

one tip to improve one's fishing

Work on your fly casting when you are NOT fishing. This is something can be done virtually anywhere and anytime, and not enough people do it.

perfect day

I wake up at a reasonable hour, get a great breakfast, take my time getting to water, take a nice walk, and then fish all day and into the evening. In short, my perfect day is relaxing, and with no expectations other than exploring and fishing the water in front of me.

a good fishing story

There are many, but nothing that means as much to me as this:

contact info

Nick's Instagram, @the_purple_rooster
Nick's email, nteynor@gmail.com