Elite Pro Profile: Seth Blackamore

By Sage Fly Fish

I’m originally from Orange County, CA where I began fly fishing for warm water bass and enjoying the Pacific Ocean as my backyard. I was extremely blessed to have been introduced to fly fishing when I was 10 years old by my neighbor Jin Uyematsu. Not many boys growing up in OC those days had the fly fishing privilege passed onto them. The love for the sport was engrained in me at a young age and I continued to embrace the fly challenge in all my fishing endeavors throughout my life. I’ve been fly fishing for over 20 years now and looking back on where the sport has taken me and all the amazing people I have met along the way is truly a blessing.


Bishop Creek Canyon, CA

home waters

The high country of the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains to the sunny shores of the Pacific Ocean. I have been blessed with living in a few different unique areas for fly fishing.

local fly shop

There’s many rad shops I frequent since I am back and forth from the mountains to the ocean. I always enjoy stopping through new local shops wherever I am traveling.

target species

Depends on the season. Mostly targeting Wild Trout.

perfect setups

I try to have 2 setups for all my fishing excursions whenever possible, with such variable weather conditions in fishing it’s best to be versatile. When chasing wild trout in my high country waters I prefer:

(1) 390-4 MOD, Click Reel lined with RIO’s InTouch Gold. Because who doesn’t love casting a lightweight dry fly setup for wild backcountry trout.

(2) 590-4 Sage X, Spectrum Reel lined with RIO’s InTouch StreamerTip. This setup has more back-bone to stick bigger fish and persist through unfavorable weather conditions.

career highlights

Being blessed with the ability and freedom to continue my passion in the sport of fly fishing, while also co-authoring my first book in the Spring of 2016; 'Fishin’ Trails 2'.

conservation work

Conservation should be the priority of every angler. It is important to be aware of our impact as we pursue our catch, and whenever possible to minimize that impact. Every day is a chance to be the proper steward for our sport by doing our part to protect our stadiums. Leave it better than you found it.

philosophy of fly fishing

Sheridan Anderson may have said it best: “The objective of fishing is to catch fish, but in the pursuit of the catch you will gain so much more.” Fly fishing isn’t just about the quarry at the end of your line, but rather the all-inclusive adventure along the way. Enjoy getting in touch with nature…Enjoy the bite-less days on the water…Enjoy the process.

one tip to improve one's fishing

When starting out, focus on the famed idea of, “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Sure, this may be easier said than done, but one must begin fly fishing with simplicity at the forefront while maintaining a patient tempered approach throughout the learning process.

perfect day

Firing up a pot of coffee while the sun slowly rises on a windless morning in the backcountry. Sipping my warm cup of joe, I observe trout delicately slurping the water’s surface with not another soul in sight. Hmm, yea…

a good fishing story

...is best told with a beer in hand around a warm campfire after a solid day on the water with friends.

contact info

Instagram: @seth.blackamore
Check out Seth's book 'Fishin' Trails 2' on Amazon