Chris Andersen

Sage Technical Service Manager, Chris Andersen, just got back from steelhead fishing Southwest Alaska. After putting some of our gear to the test, check out what he has to say.

Just back from my annual trip to some of my old guide waters in Southwest Alaska fishing with my friend Patricia from Blue Fly B&B. It was truly just like old times, the average fish was from around 26-28 inches with fish into the 30’s…..all chrome bright and as hot as the hottest steelhead I’ve ever fought…only these were native Alaskan trout! If you’re ever planning a trip to the Naknek, Blue Fly has an awesome B&B and a fantastic guide service.

I used the new METHOD 8126-4 with the new Sage 2210 reel and connect core shooting line and the new Skagit Max Short (625 grain). The METHOD spey… what can I say other than amazing, simply amazing. I was fishing some very large, heavy, wind resistant, water soaking flies in the occasional 50 mph wind and that rod delivered the goods despite the demanding situations. The METHOD had tons of soul and it fought fish well without being too overpowering. The new 2200 series reels performed flawlessly. What a great reel for the price! I really like the new RIO non-stretch connect core shooting lines and the new heads to go along. I noticed a huge difference between the standard and non-stretch cores when it comes to feel and sensitivity when fishing the line as well as hook sets and holding the fish once you have them pinned. For the angler who fishes hardcore destinations, be it Alaska or our own Olympic Peninsula rainforest rivers during Winter steelhead season, there’s simply nothing better than this setup.

Chris Andersen, Sage Technical Service Manager

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