In this post, Scott Krashan shares his favorite everyday, household items that he uses for fly tying. We found it different and actually pretty useful. Do you tyers out there have any other household implements you use? If so, tell us in the comments and maybe we’ll do a follow up story featuring your suggestions

Over the years, I’ve stumbled upon some common household items that can substitute for more expensive fly-tying tools or fill gaps. I’m going to list some of my favorites. I hope these tips alleviate some of your frustration or inspire you to be more creative in the tying process

#1: Gun Barrel Bore Brush/Dubbing Brush

I probably have more dubbing brushes in my toolbox than any other tool – scissors may rival. The Gun Barrel Bore Brush is one of my favorite “household” tools. It is great at gripping fibers to really bushy up bodies or dubbing balls. Go to your local gun shop and pick up a couple in different sizes. I guarantee you will be happy with the results.

#2: Ponytail Clip/Material Clamp

It took me years to finally do something about the frustration of material getting in my way as I tied up the fly, e.g., long marabou, legs, deer hair, etc. It would always get in my way, as I would try to finish the fly. This is a problem when finishing heads or the forward part of segmented flies. I finally learned the lead wire trick, which works great on smaller flies. I recently discovered another great tool – hair clips. They are quicker and work perfectly on bigger flies. Grab a pack at the drug store and keep a couple lying around the bench

#3: Chip or Binder Clip/Material Holder for Dubbing Loops

Why fumble with material all over the place trying to get it lined up perfectly in your dubbing loop? Let a binder or chip clip lend a helping hand. Line your materials up in the clip, clamp it, trim it and then line it up in the loop. Make sure you wax your loop to keep the materials in place once you remove the clip.

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