New Caledonia has BIG bonefish that go a long way. These are the species Albula glossodonta, the same species found on various islands throughout the Pacific; Hawaii, Aitutaki, some of the Tahitian atolls and also New Caledonia. It’s not an easy place to fish. There’s little in the way of fly-fishing based infrastructure and of course French is the language of the land. Communication is difficult on several levels. I killed my first bonefish this year because the natives wanted it to eat, that hurt. New Caledonia sits smack bang in the middle of the trade wind belt - its often very windy so there’s a multitude of challenges. 

ROD // SAGE X 990-4 
I want to fish a rod there that has authority and precision to feed this finicky fish. With wind the way it can be on the flats and the size of the bones, it's nice to have a bit more rod, that is why I choose a 9wt as my bonefish rod. The X is smooth and powerful making it a wonderful tool for the job at hand. 

REEL // SAGE 6280
The reel needs to be able to stop those big fish before they go too far as sharks can be an issue. The 6280 offers up more than enough drag to turn fish and land them quickly. Super smooth even drag minimizes break-offs even when using lighter tippet needed for presentation. 

LINE // RIO Bonefish WF9
The Bonefish has a beautiful long front taper that makes fly delivery accurate and delicate at distance. The longer head also allows me to pick up line at a greater distance to re-position it for a second shot. 

I fished the 990X and the 6280 with RIO’s bonefish line and for me this was a perfect set-up for these big bonefish with all the authority and precision I was looking for.