Perfect Setup - Dryline Steelhead

Jesse Robbins - Sage R&D Department

Dryline Steelhead Setup

LOCATION // Pacific Northwest or anywhere steelhead are found

For my dryline steelhead work, I’ve come to prefer the 6130-4 MOD rod with a Scandi line. This outfit casts (and fishes) standard- to large-sized dry flies and wet flies with great efficiency. The smooth, moderate action of the rod, combined with the high-speed-yet-delicate Scandi taper makes for easy and nearly-effortless casts at average fishing distances, and also can cut wind and allows for the long cast when required. The lightweight system makes for minimal fatigue as well. Having a rod at 13’ (not too short, not too long) gives incredible line control, from the setup to mending and controlling the swing once the cast is made.


ROD // 6130-4 MOD


LINE // 400 grain RIO Scandi with a 12' Steelhead/Slamon Taper Leader

A 12’ RIO Steelhead/Salmon leader with a couple feet of tippet makes for a very fine delivery and lets me fish on the surface, just beneath it or even a foot or two down if I tie on a small, weighted fly. For dry flies, use a “reverse turle” knot - start by ‘going up’ the down-eye (thanks for the tip, Mike!)