Perfect Setup - NorCal Winter Steelhead

Jason Hartwick

This setup is designed to chase fall and winter steelhead throughout the Pacific Northwest, though I would say this rod is perfect for many northern California and southern Oregon rivers year round. I prefer a shorter, lightweight spey rod that can handle all conditions from throwing a scandi head with dries and wets on or near the surface in the summer/fall months or getting down deeper with a Skagit head, sinktip, and even a lightly weighted fly.

ROD // 7120 X

One of my favorite Sage spey rods I have fished in the last tens years. The X rods are extremely lightweight, smooth, but have a nice quick recovery. These are great rods as they have a little extra backbone in the butt, BUT don’t try and overcast/overpower them. Slow and smooth and this rod casts great!


May be a bit overkill but I know we can stop anything on this reel even if we run into the ocassional fall Chinook. Plus, they are super smooth!

LINE // RIO Skagit Max Short 500, RIO T-11 MOW Kit

It’s really all you need for just about any spey fishing situation in the summer/fall throughout the PNW. I love this setup for throwing a floating tip, tapered leader and wet fly or swinging a leech on a 10’ chunk of T-11. It’s easy to cast and smooth all the way around.

Jason Hartwick / Sage Ambassador

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