Florida Keys Tarpon fishing during the migration is the battle ground for anglers coming from around the world. The Keys offer a unique experience with the Everglades off the backside and the crystal clear waters of the frontside both have tarpon spread across the broad expanses. This is my perfect setup for frontside Tarpon of the Keys. 


ROD // 1190 X
The new 1190 X was built with the keys tarpon in mind and was the testing ground for this model. A rod needs to be able to quietly deliver flies repeatedly to fish locked up in a daisy chain, so feel is paramount in a good Tarpon rod. Feeding them is the first step and landing them is equally important. The 1190 X offers up the backbone needed to be able to land these fish without sacrificing any presentation. 

REEL // 6210
Ultra smooth start up, a ridged frame design, and plenty of backing room make the 6210 my go to reel. It is designed and built for chasing trophy fish. 

LINE // RIO Tarpon WF11
I prefer the Tarpon line for these fish as it has a long taper that offers great presentation, but also allows me to pick up lots of line and reposition casts quickly at distance. At the end of the line I loop on the RIO Tarpon Pro leader with 60lb fluoroflex bite tippet.