Each technology platform combines unique blends of proprietary materials and they have a unique touch and feel when working with the raw graphite. These unique attributes define the Sage Technology platforms of; Konnetic, Generation 5 and GIIIe. Based on what rod series we are making, proprietary materials are pulled together, combined into long sheets and transferred onto the pattern cutting table.

We use a computer guided cutter to ensure that each cut we make is done to perfection. Laying out the day’s workflow in the computer is like a game of Tetris where we try to maximize production and minimize waste. This computer system allows our tolerances to be more precise than the width of a standard razor blade.

We then group each of sections together. When the sections are stacked it is easy to see that they are exactly the same and cut to our specifications 100% of the time. This ensures that every Sage rod is built to the highest quality and there is never too little or too much graphite going into the next phase

Next week the graphite finds a form. #sagebuildarod