Sage Mandrels awaiting their graphite. The metal forms provide the shape and taper of the specific model and length of each fly rod. Constructed of steel these mandrels hold the history and future of all Sage rod tapers.

Each rod section uses a specific mandrel and on each mandrel there is a specific point to which the graphite will be tacked and rolled onto the steel form. Measure twice and roll once. Above is the fine diameter of the tip section of the 690 MOD, imagine how fine the 189 Little ONE is.

With heat and a bit of pressure we tack the cut graphite form onto the mandrel. This is all done by hand and all done with the utmost care. If the graphite slips, grabs funny, or does not tack well it can lead to flaws in the blank. Time is taken and visual checks are done to ensure we have a good foundation to build the rest of the rod on.

Next week we roll on. #sagebuildarod

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