As a final preparation before curing the form we wrap the mandrel and graphite with a shrink film. The film holds the graphite in position on the mandrel and provides pressure for a tight and dense material lamination.

Shrink film ridges are the result of lots of tight over lapping wraps. From the time the graphite was cut from the bulk roll, cut, tacked/rolled, and shrink wrapped it has been less than 24 hours. We move quick around here!

This shrink wrap machine has been hard at work for the past 30 years. There is a good chance that your favorite rod took a spin on this ride. This dates back to the original Brownie rods and spans popular models like the RP, RPL, LL, XP, Z-Axis and all the others. Custom machinery has, as with this cello machine, been a benchmark of the Sage manufacturing processes.

Next week we heat things up. #sagebuildarod