An operator is loading the blanks to be baked in a Sage production oven. We use proprietary epoxy resins and carbon fibers in our prepreg material, so it will meet our strict design and manufacturing requirements. Once rolled on the mandrels the prepreg is wrapped with shrink film to contain the epoxy resin, because it liquefies when it is brought up to temperature. The blanks are baked at a specific temperature for a specific length of time to assure proper epoxy curing which results in superior mechanical properties.

When the oven is unloaded, the blank sections are firmly stuck on the steel tapered mandrels. Now the blank sections await their turn to be separated from the mandrel.

Ever wonder how we remove the graphite blank section from the mandrel? Our custom made mandrel pulling machine grips the blank end and then pulls the mandrel free with a pull of a lever.. Once the blank pops free of the mandrel it is then easily removed by hand.

Our custom mandrels are cleaned, prepped and inspected so they will be ready to start the process over again when we make our next round of blanks

Follow us next week as we get buffed. #sagebuildarod