All rods on the Sage factory floor start with a work order. Before any rod goes into production and is worthy of the Sage logo, we start with an action idea or a fishing scenario in mind to create a rod around. Pictured above is a sample request for a new rod. The MOD started this same way a couple of years back. After a long R&D process we finalized tapers, design, color, and components to create MOD series that is available today. This #sagebuildarod is the story of a 690-4 MOD and the steps it goes through before it arrives at one of our specialty retailers and eventually in your hands, on the water.

We are lucky that Seattle is an area rich in graphite material development, between the work being done at Boeing and UW we have incredible resources in our backyard. Our R&D team spends their time working on blending unique graphite prepregs, specialized graphite fibers, and a proprietary resin systems to serve as the foundation of the Sage blank. Our Konnetic series of rods (ONE, MOD, METHOD, CIRCA, SALT, ESN) represent the finest blend of materials and construction available. Without all the hours spent developing new material blends, a Sage rod would not have the feel, recovery, and action that is offered today.

Next week, we begin the process at our cutting table. #sagebuildarod